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  1. Hello, They replied and advised the admin fee will remain on my account and that, once it has been paid, my membership will be live and that I will have full access into the facilities. I assume from the wording of this that no further action will be taken other than my loss of access to the gym? They also sent another document which just detailed methods of making the payment and that a further admin fee will be applied on the next payment date if the balance isn't settled.
  2. Hi Slick, I have cancelled the DD and have not messaged them again since the first e-mail. They have not yet responded however when they do I'll drop an update on here. Thanks
  3. It is Xercise4less, I am still awaiting their response to my previous e-mail however there are plenty of others gyms so I think regardless of their response I will do as you said and pay only what is owed and lose access to the gym. Thanks!
  4. Thank you. The gym website only shows payments made by card and the "Manage my payments" option directs me to Harlands Payflex, which only allows me to pay the amount owed + admin fee. I have found the company that owns the gym however I do not know how to make a payment directly to them. The company and gym are not listed when trying to make a payment via internet banking and they do not have a separate website for the company itself rather than the gym.
  5. Thank you for the fast reply! I have informed them that I will not be paying the admin fee in writing. The only other issue is that I can't seem to make an X amount payment to them for the 12.79 owed. I am unable to find the company on my internet banking to make the payment (https://gyazo.com/8b41d46f4038f306c2568cd8e21fcd0d) and their online "Payflex" system will only allow me to make the payment of the amount that they claim i owe (https://gyazo.com/f33764dd3a3120ca9722ec94e4aba509).
  6. I missed a payment of 12.79. for my gym membership. The funds to make this payment became available at 18:00PM on the day it was due, so not even 12 hours after the missed payment. It is my fault but I think it is slightly unfair to instantly charge the admin fee (£25). I do not have the funds to cover this and if I were to pay as much as possible I would not be able to make it to work. I have advised them via E-Mail that can not make the late payment fee and that I will accept any action they may take. I have read elsewhere however that the late payment fee isn't legally enforceable so can I not pay it and send them the original amount owed? I have paid all other previous missed payment fees as a matter of principle however this time I simply can not. Thanks.
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