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  1. I am now happy with the outcome after phoning them. I paid the account back I am not upto fighhting banks. I wanted some logic from people who no what they are talking about. Belive me I dont. Please class this subject as closed. Can someone close this thread?
  2. No please understand I simply posted the last post ed so I can show I made a mistake in what I was thinking. I was trying to be nice to you guys
  3. Here it is. page 10 • A business must not treat you badly or victimise you because you have complained about discrimination or helped someone else complain, or done anything to uphold your own or someone else’s equality law rights. For example: A customer complains that a member of staff in a café told her she was not allowed to breastfeed her baby except in the toilets. Because she has complained, the café tells her she is barred altogether. This is almost certainly victimisation. • A business must not harass you. For example: A member of staff in a nightclub is verbally abusive t
  4. My Care team are suggesting I close the account down which Is what the bank said was a good dea. But I paid it back now I saved the money up. I just had a no spending spree.sad I no these ters on of laughter but of joy that it is al over. Though I have not heard them shut it down yet.. TGP
  5. Im not asure which ones I have to tell them about HB. TGP
  6. no they cant honey beee I was reading page 9 it says. • A business does not have to know that the customer meets the legal definition of ‘a disabled person’, just that he or she has an impairment which is likely to meet the definition. A business must not treat you worse than someone else because you are associated with a person who has a protected characteristic. For example: A café refuses to serve a customer who has a disabled child with them. • A business must not treat you worse than someone else because they incorrectly think you have a protected characteristic (perception).
  7. me It had a passage saysing that if a service provider asked what my disability was it could be classed as harrasment
  8. I found this page. https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/publication-download/your-rights-equality-businesses-providing-goods-facilities-or-services-public
  9. Do I have to tell a company what my disability is?
  10. Would this be discrimination?
  11. I am genetically disabled and I can not use the phone. I have told them this they simply refuse and say the team can only be reached via phone. I have capacity and my care Manager has said my Care team can not help. I have a rare couple of conditions when they are together.
  12. I got the refund but the refund was taken back by the bank. I asked the bank to look into a transaction I did not make. The bank accepted the dispute and refunded the money. And imposed a condition that I must phone them or they would reverse the refund. However this is when the conditions were imposed.
  13. I received a fraud refund but because due to my circumstances I was unable to call the bank to discuss the case. Is there anything I could do? Cheers
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