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  1. So do you think if I send Wescot the letter that I do not recognise the debt and dispute it and want proof of the debt to Wescot they will go away like the other collection agency did 3 years ago, and in another 3 years it will be 6 years since payment the debt will become statute barred? And then it will be forgotten?
  2. I would love to ignore it but wanted more clarity on the situation. Do you know what it means for me if the agreement was not CCA1974 regulated? Is this in my favour or not in my favour? I really don’t know what Paypal will do if I managed to turn away the 2nd collection agency they have sent to me? They won’t ignore 4k of their money surely?
  3. Hi, I remember agreement via electronic signature. Basically I clicked a box and it said that is classed a signature. It states Paypals’s Working Capital agreement is not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. What does this mean for me? I am not sure long term where this is going to go? Do I send the one page letter that I used a few years ago with success, to the current debt collection agency disputing the debt as shown in my original post? Hopefully they go away and back to their client.. But what will Paypal do? Keep employing DCA’s? Thanks again
  4. Hello, I have received a letter from Wescot on behalf of Paypal seeking to collect £4k. This is in relation to a Paypal Working Capital Loan a few years ago that could not be paid off due to my eBay account being restricted. This loan hasn’t been paid for a few years now and a previous debt collection agency sent me a letter about collection on behalf of Paypal in 2016 and I sent them a long one page letter that Faljay from another forum made me letter back saying: I DO NOT RECOGNIZE OR ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR CLIENT OR YOUR COMPANY IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM THIS IS A VALID DISPUTE AND MUST BE TREATED AS SUCH UNDER THE FCA REGULATIONS The above is only one little piece from the letter. It was successful and the debt collection agency replied to it basically saying we want nothing to do with your case. I haven’t been contacted since from them or Paypal. It is only recently when I have now received a letter from Wescot asking for the money on behalf of their client Paypal. Do I sent them the letter the again to Wescot and hope that they also go away? Or do I try a different approach? I remember that on Paypal Working Capital Loan that it stated that it is not Consumer Credit Act 1974 regulated, does this have any negative affect on my situation? Thank you in advance.
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