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  1. I probably phrased that wrong. Believe me I am contrite. J ust annoyed with myself for thinking I could get away with it.
  2. I just thought that they would be tempted by the figure, especially considering the fact that they do not have evidence of the other uses (as you have said). It depends on whether they want to make an example out of me. Regardless of the outcome, I've learnt my lesson.
  3. I have already informed them of the other occasions, which would surely also be on their records given I was making repeat journeys to and from work. So as things stand they are taking me to court over £6.40. I have already sent them a second (predominantly grovelling) letter to settle this out of court for the sum of £500.
  4. For your information, the "no other option" is an error from the inspector. He has phrased it in a way as if I do not give a **** and I will contest that part in court.
  5. Bazza I am under the assumption that the the application in court for *** covers the TIC and the *** covers the single journey i.e. when I was caught. What do you think? Why else would they separate it? It must be including TIC.
  6. Surprisingly they don't mention AT ALL the other times of usage. It says tfl byelaws bla bla.. Then the last paragraph is "An application will be made in court for a *** contribution towards the costs of TFL. There will also be an application of *** in respect of the fare avoided. Further costs may be incurred if additional docs are required or the matter is not resolved at the earliest opportunity". The last sentence is interesting. Leaving it open to an OOC on the day?
  7. Thank you for clearing that up BazzaS. I am under the assumption that the other offences are TIC given the fact that I admitted the period of use (5 months) in my first letter which gave my explanation of events. In response to my first letter, they decided to prosecute me for the single offence (under the byelaws). I will call them to double check on this though.
  8. They are charging me for one use essentially i.e. being in a compulsory ticket area without a ticket. What do you mean by TIC?
  9. Good afternoon guys. Just to provide you with an update, they are taking me to court under the TFL byelaws. I have drafted a second (esentially) grovelling letter, can you please advise on whether it reads well and on any parts I should take out?
  10. Hello all. Today I received a letter from TFL after I was caught using my brothers 16+ oyster card in March 2019. It does not state the offence I have committed but states that the facts are being considered and legal proceedings may be taken against me in accordance with the TFL prosecution policy. The letter provides me with two options stating that I can choose whether to deny committing the offence or accept committing the offence (but must provide exceptional reasons for TFL to not decide in proceeding with a prosecution). This was a massive error of judgement on my behalf and I deeply regret my actions. To provide some background as to why I used the oyster card, I am the sole income earner for my family and I am required to support my mother (who is not physically capable to work). As such, I have to make a large contribution in rental costs and living costs for myself, my mother and my three younger brothers (of whom none are at working age). I started my first job after university five months ago and I stupidly decided to purchase a travel card under my younger brother's 16+ oyster card (which is half price compared to the adult rate). In total, I have calculated the fares evaded to be roughly £600 over a five month period. I understand that this does not excuse my actions and I should not have attempted to fare evade under any circumstances. I also appreciate the fact that fare evading over a period of 5 months is a matter that will be taken seriously and I think it is better for me to be honest in the letter. If TFL decide to take this matter to court, a criminal conviction would have a severe impact on my career prospects as I am seeking to gain entry into the legal profession in a couple of years (having already completed two law degrees). As such, a criminal conviction would have a disastrous effect on my future prospects and I hope to settle this matter out of court. What approach should I take in the first letter to TFL? Is the best approach to admit what I have done, explain my mitigating circumstances and offer to compensate TFL for the fares evaded and offer to pay admin costs on top?
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