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  1. I was not aware that mitigation can also apply to actions taken after the event. I have not outlined this to date, I will write another letter stating this given I now use a monthly travel card and would never attempt it again. However, the Court date is in 10 days so I'm not sure I would receive a response in time.. seems to be worth a try though. Thank you dx100uk.
  2. Yes the Court date is set for the end of this month. I did state what effect the conviction would have on my career in the mitigating circumstances section of the requisition.
  3. I think I made a big mistake in highlighting the extent of use on the first letter I sent to TFL explaining my view of what happened.
  4. The other journeys have not been mentioned in any correspondence. Should I write a new letter and enquire about this or wait until the court date?
  5. I have sent two letters to the person who is dealing with my case. I have asked for an OOC on both occasions but I have been unsuccessful. I did ask for a phone number but was told that discussing the matter over the phone would not change the decision that has been made. I will definitely pursue what king12345 has suggested.
  6. It has been a while since my last post. I would like to wholeheartedly state that I am extremely grateful to everyone for your feedback on my case. I understand that you are taking time out of your busy lives to advise not only myself but also others who have attempted to circumvent the law. The feedback you provide is commendable and a testament to each of you and once again thank you for doing so. Just to provide an update, TFL are taking me to court and I will have to solemnly deal with the consequence of my actions.
  7. I probably phrased that wrong. Believe me I am contrite. J ust annoyed with myself for thinking I could get away with it.
  8. I just thought that they would be tempted by the figure, especially considering the fact that they do not have evidence of the other uses (as you have said). It depends on whether they want to make an example out of me. Regardless of the outcome, I've learnt my lesson.
  9. I have already informed them of the other occasions, which would surely also be on their records given I was making repeat journeys to and from work. So as things stand they are taking me to court over £6.40. I have already sent them a second (predominantly grovelling) letter to settle this out of court for the sum of £500.
  10. For your information, the "no other option" is an error from the inspector. He has phrased it in a way as if I do not give a **** and I will contest that part in court. TFL Letter.pdf
  11. Bazza I am under the assumption that the the application in court for *** covers the TIC and the *** covers the single journey i.e. when I was caught. What do you think? Why else would they separate it? It must be including TIC.
  12. Surprisingly they don't mention AT ALL the other times of usage. It says tfl byelaws bla bla.. Then the last paragraph is "An application will be made in court for a *** contribution towards the costs of TFL. There will also be an application of *** in respect of the fare avoided. Further costs may be incurred if additional docs are required or the matter is not resolved at the earliest opportunity". The last sentence is interesting. Leaving it open to an OOC on the day?
  13. Thank you for clearing that up BazzaS. I am under the assumption that the other offences are TIC given the fact that I admitted the period of use (5 months) in my first letter which gave my explanation of events. In response to my first letter, they decided to prosecute me for the single offence (under the byelaws). I will call them to double check on this though.
  14. They are charging me for one use essentially i.e. being in a compulsory ticket area without a ticket. What do you mean by TIC?
  15. Good afternoon guys. Just to provide you with an update, they are taking me to court under the TFL byelaws. I have drafted a second (esentially) grovelling letter, can you please advise on whether it reads well and on any parts I should take out?
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