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  1. In the light of our experience a few words of advice for all potential buyers at ANY car dealer. Don't give them a deposit (to secure or otherwise) until you are 100% sure that you want the car. Always make sure they accompany you on a test drive (they might throw it back in your face). Any sales person is NOT your friend!
  2. In answer to Chariots comments on Twitter ( we don't use Twitter yet). We are pensioners, since the 10th April there have been very few occasions during the day when no one was at home. Chariots have our land line number which has an answering machine, CLI & voice mail if we are on another call. There have been no messages or missed calls from Chariots. To suggest we are not answering our phone is simply a lie. I have sent four emails to them and they have never had the courtesy to reply, but I do have the opened email "read" receipts from Luke, Franco, Liam & Nick. In 27 days Chariots have not replied to any phone messages (5) or emails (4). Chariots say they would like to "discuss this with the customer directly", well they know where we are. They have our email, landline number and address. It has taken posts on this web site and social media to get any response. All of the other comments are moot and not germane to the actual issue. It could be fixed very easily, without more emails, tweets or comments on websites. I await a response. I have sent this as an email to Chariots.
  3. Hi, That's exactly what I feel. If they had said in two weeks time we have a car to the spec that I emailed to them I would have purchased it. Sadly that's a £20k+ deal that won't be done by me. I have contacted First Direct and they won't do a chargeback because I don't have a copy of the T&C's..... They suggest I go back and get them (probably not wise). Thanks again.
  4. https://www.cardealerreviews.co.uk/dealership/chariots-specialist-cars-kettering-northamptonshire-england?p=2
  5. Thank you for your considered replies. Here is the email I sent to the owner/manager on the 29th April:- On the 8th April we paid a "holding" deposit of £250 for a Mercedes 250GLA and arranged a test drive on the 9th April. Your staff when we visited your site where helpful and courteous. Sadly the car itself was lacking in expected space and was not the one for us. We communicated the fact that we would not be purchasing the car on the 10th April. On the 12th April the £250 was shown as transferred from our account. I sent an email to **** to appraise him of that. On the 25th I sent a further email requesting an update on the refund. I had no reply. On the 26th I made two calls to **** but he was always "with a customer". It is now three weeks since the test drive and two weeks since the money left our account. Could someone have the courtesy to give me an update of when I can expect to see our money refunded? and this is the one sent to the salesman on the 10th:- Left message for **** at about 12:00 today but have had no call back as of yet. After a day of deliberation we have decided that the the GLA250 was not the car for us. Thank-you for your time and trouble in showing us the car and checking over our C180. If you come across a decent low mileage C200 Sport/AMG line petrol/auto estate please give us a call. Not sure if you actually took the holding deposit but if you have I would appreciate it's return! I will start charge back with my bank today and send a formal letter (recorded delivery) confirming the above together with a duplicate email when I know the letter has been delivered. I have found one other person complaining of the same treatment (no refund, don't answer phone calls or emails). I will of course update on here with any progress. Thanks again.
  6. Chariots Kettering - https://www.chariotsspecialistcars.com/ Debit card over the phone
  7. Looking for a car change and found one 30 miles away that we thought would fit the bill. Rang the dealer to have a chat about the spec and he convinced me to leave a deposit on the car to hold it as we could not get there for two days. NB This was to hold the car to view/test drive and was agreed verbally over the phone. Went to dealers, nice car but a bit grubby externally. Took for a drive and had a few issues with space and comfort. Told salesman I would let him have a decision the next day. Rang dealership and left message and followed up by email saying sorry but not interested. It's now 21 days since the test drive and 18 since the account was debited (£250) Salesman and/or boss not taking calls/returning or responding to emails. I have no receipt for the money or T&C's and I have signed no documents at all. Please don't tell me I'm stupid I already know! Any advice gratefully received.
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