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  1. Yes,

    I received 10 day letter

    in my reply i accepted my mistake and with apologised profusely for error in judgement


    in my mitigation I mentioned that I was unwell and under multiple medications including sedatives so could not make the right judgement.

    It is my first offence.


    my question is that whether I have any chance in court ?

    Or shall I just sign guilty plea and send by post ?


    Is this section 25(3) recordable offence ?


    And how long it takes to be considered as "Spent" ?

  2. May I request some guidance from experienced members for a Single Justice Notice I received from TFL for below charges :

    Regulation 7(1)(b) of Public Servce Vehicle Regulation 1990 SI No 1020


    Section 25(3) Public Passenger Vehicle Act 1981


    Can someone please shed some light whether these are recordable offence or not ?

    Spent in how long ?


    Do I need a solicitor to represent to contest or shall i just sign guilty plea ?

    What are implications in both options.

    Please help guide.


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