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  1. @fkofilee thanks that’s definitely what I intend to do . I Would just like to know if there is any course of action to stop them from spamming me with letters/emails in the future? @dx100uk I know you are just trying to help however I think you have misunderstood. I have only dealt with them via post. They replied to me via email which I assume they have from when I signed up for the gym originally, which is why I stated I had yet to receive any further postal communication. I hope that clears up any confusion.
  2. So they sent me an email rejecting the offer with an attachment of the terms & conditions that they had already sent me. So far I just ignored it and will continue to. Not received any other communication by post from them yet but if it was to get to a point where I wished to stop receiving anything from them what options do I have?
  3. Hi slick132 sent the letter on Friday just waiting for their reply. Do they normally accept or reject the offer? Thanks for the help
  4. Thanks dx100uk for getting back to me so fast. I did see other threads but was a bit unsure how they would apply. would a the template letter from post #13 on this thread right ok? Also do I send this to Xercise4less, Harlands or CRS? or all of the above? Thanks again
  5. Hi Hopefully you can help. I recently received a ‘letter’ via email from CRS saying I owed £213.47 for arrears of an Xercise4less membership. When I first encountered it I thought it was just some phishing [problem] as I was a member of Xercise4less but had cancelled my membership in January this year and as far as I was aware had never missed a payment. I did a little looking online and sent them via recorded mail a letter saying I had no knowledge of the debt using the template from this link: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2607247 However they have replied by post this week with a pack of letters about a missed payment from February 2019 as evidence of my debt. Which I had not received previously via post or email until the email stating I owed the above amount. Some were supposed to be from Harlands group and others from CRS each escalating in fees and total amount. At no point had I had any correspondence before the above mentioned email. Having checked my contract and emails my membership was frozen from 3rd November to 4th February as per my contract free of charge I now realised I fully cancelled on 28th January but needed to give 30 days notice so a final payment was due 4th Feb for a month that I was not going to use. As I had already cancelled my direct debit in November that was not paid. The monthly membership was £11.99 I had already paid more than 12 months of the contract by November 2018 so was out of term. What is my best course of action? I am willing to pay the final £11.99 (even though I never used the gym for that period) but think it’s ridiculous amount to charge especially as they never actually sent anything previously until it was such a high amount. Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.
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