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  1. So I have sent a letter to MBNA stating the above and have not had any reply from them. So how long should I wait do you think ... The letter was sent sign for so I know they have received it. Any views ??
  2. Ok with your help i have drafted the following letter. If you get 5 could you just take a look and i will send it off to them. img009.pdf
  3. Ok i am constructing a letter now along those lines. Do you think i should return the cheque with the letter ??
  4. Thanks for taking a look. Do you think i should bank the cheque they have sent. Copy of StatIntSheet v101.xls Copy of CISheet v101.xls
  5. anybody had a chance to take a look and give me their thoughts
  6. Could someone just take a look at the letter sent regarding my PPI when you have 5 mins. when i submitted my claim I added all the ppi using the CISheet V101 and got a value £3733 i then added that to the STatINTshee v101 and got a total £6728. I received a letter (attached) and have no idea how they have come up with the value but it is lower by a fair ammount. Could someone take a look and let me know their thoughts and my options. Also tody they sent a check for the ammount stated on the letter so should i bank it even if i intend to dispute Thanks img008.pdf
  7. Yes the debt is in my name only not my wife and yes the house is joint owned. I have a letter from the people who tried to help me when I had to go to court over the charging order ... I'll scan it and when I can work out how to block out bits I'll post it
  8. Ok mmm right sort of got it lol ... do bear with think i saw a post from one of your colleagues and what i did was loaded the cisheet with all the ppi transactions and did from date account opened 2003 to date account was sold to Link 2009. I then took that figure and put it in the statint sheet from date account was sold to link 2009 to current day .... ??. Now the ppi stopped being charged late 09/2008 and after that to 04/2009 it was just Finance charge .. which im guessing that's the interest. Ok so bit of history ... like i said it was sold to Link 2009 at £3956.39.and they took it to court Jan 2012 … i had contested there being no signature on the credit agreement as i was sure i applied online but they produced one and claim was awarded. However i immediately i applied for a Variation order and my offer of £10 per month was accepted and i have paid it religiously since despite them sending me constant letters telling me i need to give them my total household income plus expenditure details of other creditors etc to which i just ignore and keep sending the £10. They did however obtain a charging order .
  9. Just a little help needed I have already read here and some months ago after finding some old MBNA statements sent a SAR and have received pages and pages back from them. I have tried reading here several times but keep getting lost and distracted but the way i see it i can either do the simple 8% spread sheet or the compound interest spread sheet but understand there may be a problem getting anything back using that method ??? am i right. If i decide either what to date do i enter ??? the date the account was closed ( well sold to Link where i am still paying back) or today's date This is going back to 2003 when i had the card and being self employed i assume any PPI is worthless. If someone could let me know i would be very grateful
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