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  1. Yep they are jokers. But with a bit of stalking on linkedin and some digging i managed to find the emails of the key people who head up customer service. Needless to say i was taken care of very quickly. Can the admin please make this a sticky for anyone else dealing with parcel2go? n.schofield@parcel2go.com g.iveson@parcel2go.com Stephen.benson@parcel2go.com
  2. So i finally got them to pay out the insurance. Unfortunately the money bounced back into there account. I have proof from the bank that it bounced back but parcel2go will not check with the accounts team this is the response i keep getting: claims@parcel2go.com Tue, May 14, 8:42 PM (11 hours ago) to me Ref: P2G57158715 Attachments Good Morning Bruce, Thank you for your email. We are yet to receive confirmation from accounts. If they confirm the payment bounce back we will be able to request a new payment. As per terms and conditions, it is your responsibility to provide the correct account details into the boxes provided. Please note that we will not be liable for any incorrect details which are provided by you. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not be obliged to make any further payments to you in the event that you have provided incorrect account details. Furthermore, we are not obliged to reverse any payments we may make to incorrect accounts as a result of you providing incorrect details. Should you wish to view our Terms and Conditions in full Bruce, I have provided a link below. https://www.parcel2go.com/content/about-terms.aspx Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused Bruce and if I can assist further please do let me know. Kindest Regards S Hernandez
  3. Yep another one... Anyone got any tips on getting a claim out of these guys. It's 3 months since i paid them for a service and i am still getting strung along over the claim. Very hard to get anything sorted out via the online chat... i have wasted so much time on this.
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