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  1. Ok. I have a signed contract. they were told as a business I am not vat registered. My monthly package at £329 includes vat. My rebate of £135 does not. I was paying £170 Ishrat with vodafone. The agreed price was £145 and pay my redemption. No of this seems true.
  2. I took out a three year contract out Two months ago. Four devices paying £329 per month including vat. Expecting a rebate of £135 plus vat. Was told I cannot get vat on the rebate. This means I’m paying more money now than when i was with Vodafone and been with them 20 plus years. Encouraged by Emma to move my business to 02. Future Comms would pay my early termination fee of around £2k to date no rebates and continual phoning no one actually wants to solve my problems. Sarah, Charlie all offer to phone me back to get you off the phone. Faye the customer service manager I had a long chat with last week on the 24th telling her everything that was wrong and I even followed it up with an email that evening. Her last words to me was she would call me the next day to sort everything out. No call. I have called numerous times to no avail. Yesterday again and twice today. Leaving messages and no call backs. I don’t understand how this company can continue conning people out of good contracts for better deals and give nothing. I am very worried that my early termination fee will not be paid which I cannot afford and I cannot afford to pay £329 per month either. If I don’t pay I will have no phone. Disgusting state of affairs.
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