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  1. ok thank you both . could you point me in the direction of a Cease and Desist letter please . Is it in the library anywhere thanks again
  2. Statute barred letter sent but this morning my wife had the same kind of letter only it's stating that they are concerned that they hadn't heard from her. maybe letters have crossed .just await the reply to the statute barred letter Thanks
  3. that's what I was worrying about . I know from past experience how these people work but that was from a long time ago. might have thought things might have changed to stop them doing things like that . thanks
  4. ok thank you unclebulgaria67. I imagine an onslaught of letter will arrive shortly going by past experience . thank you again
  5. Hi You all helped me out many years ago and really appreciated it. Today my wife received a letter from Robison Way stating that they have been appointed for HFUKH2L (Ex HPH Ltd). She did have debts going back years ago but dealt with them . She has no idea what this debt is for as it doesn't state what company she supposed to owe and even so her debts were well over 6 years ago surely they are statute barred. We have also moved properties in the mean time and the debt has her maiden surname on it as well. Just wondering whether we should reply
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