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  1. Hi Slick, Thank you for this information. Yes, exactly. I have definitely paid 12 months plus the first payment of £27.79. I have blocked their numbers and I didn't reply to any of their emails. I will keep you posted. Cheers. Regards,
  2. @slick132 Hi, Yes, I first paid £27.79, which consisted of a joining fee of £15.00 and the first monthly payment of £12.79. I then paid 12 more DD payments of £12.79 each for 12 months there after. Last payment left my account on the 9th of Feb 2019. Total paid so far is 27.79+12*12.79= £181.27. Then I cancelled my membership on their website and cancelled the DD on my account. So, in reality I paid them 13 months. Regards,
  3. @dx100uk Thank you. Will do so for now. I will keep you updated. Regards
  4. Hi, I have cancelled my membership with x4less on their website after 12 months as per agreement, i have received letters from Hartland and CRS saying we couldnt collect the monthly DD as it has been cancelled. I have sent them a letter via RM offering them to pay the "returned" DD of £12.79: This is my letter: "I cancelled my direct debit for xercise4less on 10th February ; exactly after 12 months as per the minimum contract period (see attached letters). This gave notice to quit the gym membership at xercise4less. I have only seen a letter from yourselves today stating that my bank have advised you that my February instalment has been returned unpaid "instruction cancelled". This letter is an offer to pay you £12.79 that was apparently “returned” to my account if you supply me with a reference and a bank payment details. If you demand any higher amount due to admin fees or any other reason, I will pay you nothing and this offer is valid for 14 days only." This is their reply: "Further to your recent contact with CRS. We have been passed your file by Xercise 4 Less in regards to unpaid arrears due under the terms of your Membership Agreement. On 9 FEB 18 you entered into a Membership Agreement with Xercise 4 Less via an online sign up process. Upon providing your details, including your name, address, bank account details, e-mail address and date of birth, you agreed to pay £12.79 a month for a minimum period of 1 months As your minimum term of payments was not honoured and you failed to rectify your breach of Agreement charges were applied to your account and your file was referred to ourselves for collection. Having signed your Membership Agreement online you have entered into an enforceable contract and you remain liable to clear your account balance. There not being a signed document would not make you any less liable to pay. https://xercise4less.snapdda.co.uk/Clients/Xercise/MasterTermsAndConditions.pdf Please contact us within the next 7 days on 01444 449165 to discuss repayment of your balance." Please advice on next move. Regards,
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