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  1. 3 years ago, The bungalow whose Back Garden backs onto my Back Garden was cleared & 3 houses built in place of it. Due to the height of the road they were accessed from, the ground level has been raised by 400mm, with soil up against the other side of the back-garden Fence. The fence was pre-existing, & not replaced during development. The fence & posts are now all badly rotten, & have failed completely. Prior to this, they were all sound. I spoke to the owner of the Building contractor who built the houses, & he advised they were told to leave the fence by the developer/land owner, even though the other 2 fences (either side) were replaced. I have approached the guy who developed the properties, to request that he pay for a retaining wall, as I have been told that a fence & gravel-boards will not hold the earth back on the rear neighbours' side, & this is going to cost a few thousand pounds. (quotes obtained by landscapers) Can anyone advise where I stand legally, as the developer has said he doesn't accept responsibility, now that he's sold the house. (sold in late 2016). I would like to know my legal position here. I have obtained land-registry plans for the new property, & there is a strip at the end of his Garden (between his & mine) of 1-1.5m, which he doesn't own. This has been confirmed by the Architect, & the owner of the building company who built the houses. Both our plans say nothing to define who owns the boundary, no markers at all. My place was built in 1994, the pre-existing bungalow was built in the 50's, & the new places were finished in 2016. I have prepared a letter to send, which details the fact that the rotting of the fence was caused by the earth piled up against the other side of it, & that a retaining wall is now required. The letter will provide him a period of time to provide a solution to this issue. I also tried to locate the topography for the site, however (curiously) it was never added to the planning portal of my local gov. website. I requested this from the Architects, who refused to provide it. I'm aware that the statute of Limitations for negligence, under the law of tort, provides a 6-year period, which we are well within. If anybody can give any advice here, I'm researching MCOL & the small-claims route in the county court, if no compromise can be found.
  2. I went into Branch on Thursday, to drop the additional proof of entitlement in, spent 45 minutes sitting there whilst they were on the fone to Fraud dept., only to be told "we're having trouble with this, we'll call you". I then got a call later, & was told to call the fraud dept. Directly which I did, & they now said "actually you're not getting the funds back". So I'm £685.00 down currently, the account has not had the original seized funds added, & currently shows a negative balance of about £100.00. Then Yesterday I got a call from the exec team office, from somebody whose been across the whole sorry tale, & basically said they uphold the Fraud dept.s decision. He again said "we believe you're an innocent party in all of this". I mentioned I wanted recompense for the time wasted dealing with the useless Fraud Dept. & he said this would be declined. I requested a letter from him outlining this, & told him to mark it "final response". I cannot use the words on here to describe my opinion on this useless outfit.
  3. It was from debbie.crosbie@tsb.co.uk, so thx to you for the idea HB, a reply within 24hrs from that address. It'll be Tuesday at the earliest now I think, also the Branch called Yesterday to request proof of ownership for a further 4 transactions made since the disputed transaction. I have the info to prove, but it's a massive headache trawling back through trading history to locate, print out, & notate these so they can make sense of them. All the time & materials I'm spending doing this are being noted, & form a compensation claim for loss of earnings, as part of the complaint, & I will make the exec complaints team fully aware that I expect to be recompensed for this.
  4. UKDomains that's a great shout, I'll open a support ticket on LBC & hopefully they can provide that information. I've just spent 2 hours in branch, it turns out the fraud dept. never received the proof of entitlement that the branch scanned & emailed to 2 separate email addresses given. That has led to the 3 chargeback amounts, & once again the girl on the other end of the phone had "no idea" about the £685.16, & said "it must be a calculation" well that's good & vague. I have the name of the person in branch I've been dealing with (who has been great btw, & has suffered through this this with me). Also, by sheer coincidence, she was dealing with the very same rude woman in the fraud dept. who refused to give me her name the other day, but did provide it to the lady in Branch. So now I have that in full, & her employee ID. I did query with the woman in branch, why TSB aren't backing a customer who has proven beyond any doubt that the transaction was legitimate. Her response? "I got the strong impression when I called the Fraud dept. on Monday, that we've already reversed the funds to Monzo Bank, this is why they want you to pay the money back into your account." Well how stupid is that, based on what can only have been a verbal claim by Monzo's customer, this has led to TSB saying "here you go". & then asking me to kindly underwrite their own stupidity. I have also just received this by email: Hi Gavin Thank you for your note and for contacting me about the difficulties you’ve encountered with TSB.   I have passed your note on to my Head of Customer Service and asked her to ensure that either she, or one of her team, contact you as soon as possible.   Thank you once again for contacting me.   Kind regards   Debbie   Debbie Crosbie CEO, TSB
  5. UKDomains Yes I've not only reported the buyer & had his LBC account closed permanently, but I've printed this out & forwarded it to TSB.
  6. They said I needed to pay the funds back into the account, but the funds had already been transferred into an account for a private purchase (nothing to do with my trading business), that purchase has been made, & even if it hadn't, I told them the funds are rightfully mine & I have proved this beyond any shadow of doubt. The lady in branch did mention "in that case, TSB takes the hit for that money". I told her that was ridiculous given the PHOTO ID of the buyer & ABSOLUTE proof I had provided, but it was their shout. It now seems they've decided to remove as much as they possibly can from my account, including all the overdraft, plus £65.00- odd that has put it beyond the agreed overdraft. Quite what the point of that is, I don't know, they can whistle - I want my £579.00, & if necessary will LBA them & take it into court. The fact that this has just happened, with no contact, no communication, is frankly laughable. I am completely done with them, I cannot see any point in going into Branch tomorrow anymore, I've wasted enough time on them. I'll see what (if any) response I get from the exec team & complaints procedure, failing that I'll advise I want a final response from them & take it to the Ombudsman & FSA. If by any wild chance they side with TSB, I expect I will take my entire business into Crypto, cease trading sterling entirely, & never ever deal with any UK bank, ever again. I trade with UK-based traders who have already done this, & they haven't looked back.
  7. That's a good shout, I've done that. I'll update on here if I get a response from either.
  8. Thx for that, I'll give it a try, I don't hold out much hope with the usual complaints process which I've complained through, I need someone high-up to get involved with this.
  9. Ah she's the New Zealand director, I've got Debbie Crosbie as the Current UK CEO, her twitter is https://twitter.com/debbiecrosbie1?lang=en But I'm struggling to get an email address for her through google, or even their "high level complaints" team contact details. As for the Ombudsman, it seems from their site that you have to give the bank 8 weeks & have received a "final response" prior to their involvement. So my only hope is to tweet her, which I've done, & surprise surprise - it hasn't shown on her page.
  10. Hi Honeybee, I'm googling the TSB ceo's email address now. I'm also contacting the FOS & FSA right now, I've read a few threads on here about others' experience with TSB, how they're even in business is shocking. I cannot wait for their next IT upgrade
  11. I've made a complaint via TSB's online complaint form, if you happen to have the direct contact details for the CEO's team, I'd be very grateful.
  12. Thanks for that fkofilee, there has just been another development, in the last hour, I received an automated txt from TSB stating: "you are nearing your limit. Pls ensure you have sufficient funds...". I'll upload a screenshot of what I found when logging into my account, bear in mind I've had no calls from TSB today: So whilst the stop has been on my account, the balance was £579.73. They've made these withdrawals from the account, which has put my account £65.43 overdrawn, with a £1300.00 arranged overdraft. I have an appointment tommorow in Branch, which I was told would have the block lifted, allow me to withdraw the balance, & have the block re-applied ( which makes no sense at all, & I had little faith this would be the actual outcome of the visit). I will try & keep my cool & visit the branch anyway, even though this is going to be a massive waste of my time. The phonecalls to their Fraud dept. are largely just fobbing me off, with no progress made. & The person I'm speaking to is relaying to the actual investigator, who I cannot make direct contact with. The 3 amounts of 510, 250, & 500, all correspond with the 3 inward transactions since the £6750, which I took comprehensive "proof of entitlement" papers into the Branch on Monday, the £685.16 I do not recognize. I don't know what TSB think they're doing here, they've intentionally put my account into an unauthorized overdraft, with no contact made with me beforehand.
  13. I recently traded on localbitcoins.com, using my TSB current account, selling just over 1 BTC for £6,600. I am a fully verified Pro-trader, & only buy/sell from completely verified people, & I obtain a photo of the person I'm dealing with holding photo ID beside themselves prior to commencing the trade. The buyer used monzo Bank, to send the funds, & the trade was completed. I then moved the money across to my Nationwide account, to pool funds for a private purchase. Afew days later I attempted to transfer around £500 from my TSB account online, but the transfer was stopped I & received a message to call them. I spoke to their Fraud dept., who informed me the transfer into my account for £6,600 had been disputed by Monzo, as their customer had claimed this was not their doing. My photo ID which matches the name on the received payment Proves this is inaccurate. I detailed all of this to their fraud dept., took all documents into branch, where they were scanned & forwarded on. I am now being told "although we're happy that you're an innocent party, because you benefited from this fraud, we need you to pay the money back into the account". No way, I told them. I have proved this is rightfully my money, & I have provided the Bitcoin was received by this person via localbitcoins' escrow system, again I have documented all this proof to TSB. I called the Fraud Dept. Today, to resolve this. I've been told "we need you to visit your branch AGAIN, we can temporarily remove the stop on your account, to allow you to withdraw your balance, then we will add the stop onto your account again, & it will need to be closed". I'm being completely fobbed-off by the fraud dept., I've told the branch they need to go back to Monzo Bank, with the comprehensive proof that I've provided, & tell them to advise their customer "nice try". Their response was "TSB will have to take the hit for this". Really? What a complete shower this bank is, I now need to make a high level-complaint, & to recover the £500- odd positive balance, that I don't feel they're going to freely give me. I cannot believe that I have shown complete proof of the purchase, & this is the upshot. I'm done with TSB, & I feel they need their customers more than their customers need them at the moment. I'm going into branch, for what will be the last time, on Friday, & I'll update on what happens. They keep mentioning "we need to make some calculations" regarding how much of the balance they will provide, I have shown proof of entitlement to them for the few transactions into the account since the date of the disputed payment. If anybody can chime-in with any advice about my rights / outside agencies I can bring onboard with this, I'd be very grateful.
  14. Hi all, I hope someone can advise with this - around 2 years ago, The bungalow whose Garden backs onto mine was cleared & 3 houses built. Due to the height of the road they were coming from, the ground level has been raised by 400mm, up against the other side of the back-garden Fence. The fence was pre-existing, & not replaced during development. The fence & posts are now all badly rotten, & pretty much falling-down. Although cosmetically they weren't great prior to this, they were all sound. I spoke to the head of the Building contractors who built the houses a few months back, & he advised they were told by the owner to leave the fence, even though their other 2 fences (either side) were replaced. I am preparing to approach the guy who developed the properties, to request that he pay for a retaining wall to be built, as I have been told that a fence & gravel-boards will not hold the earth back on the rear neighbours' side, & this is going to cost hundreds of pounds. Can anyone advise where I stand legally, as I doubt the original land-owner will want to contribute, now that he's sold the house. I would rather know my position legally before I approach him. If it makes any odds, the original guy who bought & demolished the Bungalow, now owns one of the developed houses on the plot (but furthest from my house, of the 3.) I'm preparing to obtain land-registry plans for the new property, to see what this says about the rear boundary. My plans show none of the usual marks to define who owns it. My place was built in 1994, the pre-existing bungalow was built in the 50's, & the new place around 2 years ago. Thanks for any advice here.
  15. I've now written to the (new) local councillor, I'll be back on here when I get a response. Thanks for your help
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