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  1. Hi all, I hope someone can advise with this - around 2 years ago, The bungalow whose Garden backs onto mine was cleared & 3 houses built. Due to the height of the road they were coming from, the ground level has been raised by 400mm, up against the other side of the back-garden Fence. The fence was pre-existing, & not replaced during development. The fence & posts are now all badly rotten, & pretty much falling-down. Although cosmetically they weren't great prior to this, they were all sound. I spoke to the head of the Building contractors who built the houses a few months back, & he advised they were told by the owner to leave the fence, even though their other 2 fences (either side) were replaced. I am preparing to approach the guy who developed the properties, to request that he pay for a retaining wall to be built, as I have been told that a fence & gravel-boards will not hold the earth back on the rear neighbours' side, & this is going to cost hundreds of pounds. Can anyone advise where I stand legally, as I doubt the original land-owner will want to contribute, now that he's sold the house. I would rather know my position legally before I approach him. If it makes any odds, the original guy who bought & demolished the Bungalow, now owns one of the developed houses on the plot (but furthest from my house, of the 3.) I'm preparing to obtain land-registry plans for the new property, to see what this says about the rear boundary. My plans show none of the usual marks to define who owns it. My place was built in 1994, the pre-existing bungalow was built in the 50's, & the new place around 2 years ago. Thanks for any advice here.
  2. I've now written to the (new) local councillor, I'll be back on here when I get a response. Thanks for your help
  3. So I'd used up my reminders for the year then, that does explain the Summons without any prior warning. So the only issue now is that they advised me one way on the phone, & typed something else on the notes. Hence the £50- has now become £75-, no reply from my local councillor yet - I'll be following that up later today.
  4. Thx for your reply ss002d6252 - I had made a lump-sum payment last year, which I had mistakenly thought covered me to the end of the Financial Year, but in fact had only covered up to November. I recall I may have had a reminder or 2 last year, for missing the monthly payment deadline, (Due to a period of financial difficulty around Springtime), but not specifically related to the missed Payment for This January. So do they see it as "you've used up all your reminders for this year", or was I entitled to the reminder & Final Demand for this separate occasion?
  5. Will do, I used a very handy website which looks them up & provides a short-form which it sends directly to them... Not sure if I'm allowed to mention their web address on here or not, (I will if I can?) certainly a very convenient tool to get access to them thoguh.
  6. Thanks for this London1971, I've sent my local councillor an email outlining this, I'll be back to report if / when I get a response.
  7. I recevied a summons for non-payment of council tax in January, without any prior reminder or final-demand letter. I phoned them & paid the amount owing, however the person on the phone advised that I could waive the £50- fee for the upcoming court date, & all would be fine. I then received a statement from the council last week, claiming "you owe £75.00 from previous tax years". I emailed Anglia Revenue Partnership to enquire about this amount, as far as I was concerned it was all up-to-date, & received a reply stating that "I have checked the notes on your account and you spoke to my colleague on the 31st January 2019. She advised you that the costs were payable and you advised that you would pay the charge and not the costs. It was not agreed that these would be withdrawn and in fact because there was still a balance outstanding the case continued to Court and you received the additional £25.00 costs. Therefore I am afraid that the costs are still fully payable, as we did not agreed to withdraw." Making the new total £75.00 owing. This is nonsense. I recall the phonecall perfectly well, & I was told "if you leave the £50- charge, they usually just waive it". & if it continued to court, why have I not been contacted, as I wasn't there? I'm really not happy about this additional charge, as far as I'm concerned I was obviously given some very shoddy advice from the council, which has left me with this extra bill. During the chat I had with the council prior to the court hearing, I also queried why I hadn't received a reminder, & was told "you've had reminders in the past, & final demands, so this time they skipped that stage & went straight to a summons". I accept I should have paid on time, & this initially was my error & not theirs, but this seems like a very slack approach to dealing with people. Any help/advice would be gratefully received, thanks I have replied to ARP stating this
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