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  1. Hi dx I’ve checked again, 1 ccj has 1 year left and 2 ccj has under 2 years left. Do you think I should just let them count down rather than pay them? It’s quite a substantial amount to clear them (£15700) I haven’t heard anything from debt owners for years. j
  2. Great Thankyou I know these same questions must get boring but I’m getting utterly lost in the search facility
  3. I have been gifted money by my dad and he’s told me to pay off my CCJs. I have 4 in total, TM legal, Weston’s and 2 big ones with Lowell. should I just ring them up and clear CCJs in full or am I best checking these debts out and the figures out? im wanting to buy a house in next 2 years and CCJs have 4 years until finished. Any advice greatly appreciated j
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