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  1. Thats my fault - the DD is set up with Telfonica Ltd, which is O2. FC never explained we'd be paying O2 directly -but we are paying O2 not FC.
  2. signed up to this contract around about Jan 2018 - I didn't have a buy out fee from my original provider as I was nearly at the end of my time with Three ( luckily) . I set up a Direct Debit and noticed quite quickly that the bills were always slightly higher than what was agreed, but only slightly so didn't take much notice as I thought it would be hotspot wifi etc. And then 12 months into the contract Future Comms rang again offering an early upgrade. We agreed and with the upgrade they offered two promotional sim cards, we have the voice recording from Future Comms and the promotional sim cards and the new contract was going to cost us £165.00 + VAT with a pay back of £58 a month - and the promotional sims were included in the deal and it would cost an extra £9 a month. An extra £9 was checked, checked and double checked by us on the call recording and it was confirmed it would only be an extra £9 a month. This is when it all started to go wrong. We received the sim cards and bunged them in a drawer and have never used them. You don't ever receive a copy of your bill, so its kinda pot luck what the DD is going to be. The last DD I let go out of the bank was for over £400 and I didn't have £400. We called Future Comms and questioned it and they then sent us two previous bill and our future bill. The next bill we were due to pay after the £400 bill was for almost £1000. They hadn't capped the 50gb and in one day we'd managed to rack up £400+ in charges and to this day we've no idea why. They're saying that we went over the allotted 50gb . I also noticed on this bill that the 2 free promotional sim cards were being charged at £99 a month each. When we questioned Future Comms they said that although it said it on the bill,. it wasn't actually being charged, it was a legal thing, although when you added it all up - we were being charged???? Future Comms were frquently lying to be at this point to get me off the phone. The monthly payback payments have been hit and miss. Up until the upgrade they were as regular as clockwork, when we stopped paying they stopped (quite rightly) and now they're paying £35 a month now I'm in a payment plan. No idea why its decreased as the payments are still the same. My bills are still sky high. We've phoned them countless times since, raised a complaint through their official complaint process with no reasonable answer. Emails go unanswered. I'm now in a payment plan with O2 because I can't afford the bills. I'm actually paying less on that than by bills are?! O2 have been amazing and have promised not to cut us off - as they're aware its a business phone. Future Comms have finally agreed they've overcharging me and agreed to pay me £470. They even took my business bank details to pay the money - which to date, I've not received. They keep changing the goalposts and have since said because I'm in a payment plan they can't pay me back the money. I refuted this as nonsense as the money is rightfully O2's ( not even mine! ) so have asked them to pay it directly to O2 which they've also said no to. Apparently now, the terms and conditions I've signed state this. I've asked them to single out the term that states that if I can't pay the bill and enter into a repayment plan, any money Future Comms owe me will be with held until the payment plan is clear. They're now ignoring me. I've also been told that I'm not allowed to phone them anymore, as I've upset Faye too much because I used the word "crap" and accuse them of fraudulent activity. Although I do still phone them, I've emailed Faye and she's not replied. And that was at the end of last week. As I'm such an unreasonable customer and our relationship has broken down I've asked them to release me from this contract which they've also refused. This may be a bit jumbled but so much has happened that its hard to remember what happened when. I now want to take legal action.
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