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  1. Hi Slick, It's been a while and I have had a couple of phone call attempts by CRS and emails from them to which the last email states they have two options if I don't reply, either they will outsource to an external agency (collection agency) or they will take legal action with steps: 1. We will write you a formal letter explaining what we are demanding and give you a final opportunity to pay/reply 2. If this failed to settle the matter we would issue proceedings to take you to county court 3: you could then either; 3a. Make payment ending the legal process, or 3b. Dispute some, or all, of the amount owed 4. If you dispute the amount was owed the court process would continue, at the end of which the court would make a decision on our claim 5. A strict court imposed timescale would apply in relation to the court process Then they go onto say if I failed to respond to the court claim it would be a ccj against me and I have 10 days to reply to them. The fee has now risen to £141.08.
  2. Yeah this is the response they have sent. Sorry, I emailed instead of posting.
  3. Hi Slick, thank you. I've had a response from Harland's saying: We can confirm you are currently in a 12 month contract, you currently have 2 months remaining including your missed April installment. Cancelling the direct debit does not cancel the membership and is not adequate notice to cancel the membership, due to your direct debit being cancelled your April payment was missed and a charge has been applied per your Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to upon joining the club. Please follow this link to make an online card payment and to reinstate the direct debit (then the link).
  4. Hi, I have been reading many of the topics around this subject as I have also just received an email from Harlands with a £25 admin fee due to DD incorrectly cancelled through bank rather than cancellation form. I started the gym around Jun/Jul last year and haven't used the gym since Jan 2019 due to an injury, as I thought I could go after injury eased up but it's still occurring so I cancelled DD on 18th April. My DD's were coming out on 18th of every month and I must have cancelled before this months was taken. I have seen the templates Slick132 has provided a while ago and have drafted one up to reply to them but just wanted to check this was the best process to take in my circumstance?
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