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  1. Hello all, I have seen other threads on this but they are dated a while back and wanted some advice. I signed up for a 3 month gym membership with ROKO in September, I was sold this by a member of the team as I was moving to London in December and so didn't need anything long term. I paid the 3 months and then when I was charged for a fourth month rang and asked them why and they said I needed to give a 3 month cancellation period and thus would have had to have cancelled the day I joined in order to have had a 3 month membership. This was NOT explained to me or else of course I would have done it. I ended the direct debit with my bank and thought nothing of it (I never had a copy of the contract to take home) I since moved so the first contact I had with anyone regarding this matter was CRS debt collection who had sent a number of texts asking to call them which I thought was fraud and then an email stating I owe ROKO £238 of debt. Thats over £100 more than the 3 months worth of membership. Having read similar cases I can see that this is part of a ROKO contract, so it will be written on the contract I signed and so legally I am unsure where I stand on this now. Totally unjust for a gym to expect you to pay 3 months worth of gym membership after you no longer need it. Even more annoyed that I didn't hear about any of this until just now when I received my email and so I am assuming there were steps I could have taken before that wouldn't have been so costly had I have received said letters from ROKO. The gym will now not talk to me directly, so I am wondering what the best course of action is.
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