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  1. I moved to Future Comms in July 2018 I had been with Vodafone for 17 years and never had any problems. I regret very much that Jack from Futurecomm set up the call which was a three way call between me Vodafone and him. When Vodafone were trying to give me a better deal he cut the call as he obviously thought they were talking me back… oh if only! The only reason I moved to Futurecomm is that they told me I would have exactly the same deal as with Vodafone which was all free texts and all free calls but they would also add free roaming without any charges for calls or text which was great as my son lives in Spain. I asked them if there would be any extra charges for certain numbers or texts or calls and he said definitely not. I asked him to put this onto the contract which is did. I was not informed at any time that on agreeing O2 who is the service provider would take much more than the agreed price from my bank account every month and then Futurecomm would be refunding me the difference. I would never have agreed to this as it can easily put your bank account into overdraft and incur bank charges. I also noticed afterwards that I was in a three year contract whereby I had only agreed an 18 month contract. Once everything was set up I noticed after a couple of months that they were taking huge amounts of money hundreds of pounds and much more than agreed from my bank account. I called Jack who had sold me the package and said don’t worry this can happen you will be refunded on your next bill. This was not the case and the money they were taking from my account was increasing. I called back and they said Jack has left. Futurecomm Customer Service were very unhelpful and extremely rude and unprofessional. One of them telling me to hurry up, cos her friend was waiting outside and she wanted to go home. Another time a guy very aggressive responded by asking ‘’what are you going on about”, I said pardon me and he repeated ‘’what are you going on about”. I was being very polite myself. I then had them asking me to give them my username and password so they could look into my online billing which I thought was very strange. They then sent me an email with a zip folder containing 2000 pages of billing and told me to look through that! Next I spoke to O2 and at that point they had taken a total of £450 from my account. A week later the whole lot of £450 had been refunded to my account. Some weeks later the £450 had been taken from my bank again. Since then I constantly have huge amounts of money taken out of my account on a monthly basis and nothing refunded. I have written so many complaints to Futurecomm, but no response. I write warning reviews on Trustpilot and on Google and just get generic responses saying we will be in touch and they never are. I have taken to heading my emails ‘’Complaint No. #’’ and am up to no. 7 even thought there are many more than 7. As I had left the name of my company in my reviews another person who had the same problems as me called me and told me that he had gone to CISAS Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme and they had sorted it out for him and he had got out of his contract and he suggested I did the same, so I called them but they said they are no longer dealing with Futurecomm. I am led to believe that all telecoms companies have to be covered by an independent disputes body but it looks like Futurecomm are not. I have kept a log with dates and times of everything that has happened. I did read one poor very old couple who were living on a small pension and Futurecomm were taking nearly all their pension from them monthly… very sad! I am devastated about this and am looking for anyway someone can help me, or I can help someone else in the same position as me. Surely, if we all get together, we can do something about this situation collectively. Thank you for reading all this. I look forward to hearing from you.
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