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  1. Thank you, but aren't they obliged to acknowledge my notice of Statute Barred? Has my letter stating the loan is SB counted as acknowledging the debt therefore they are back to business as usual, stalking me?
  2. Update: Erudio have sent me arrears notices, for each of my loans. no reference to SB letter. Nothing from solicitors. What does it mean?
  3. OK. So shall I write and say, where the hell is the response to my SB letter please? Their latest letter gives me a deadline (soon) by which to pay the whole amount. What if they deny receiving the SB letter?
  4. Hi Y'all! Here's an update on the Erudio-Drydens attack formula. After I sent the above letter, they replied in the first week of May to say they confirm receipt and my account is placed on temporary hold while they contact their client with details of the query. Next I hear from this is yesterday, they send: A copy of the original credit agreement Copy of the notice of assignment Copy of the fair processing notice FAQs Copy of the Goodbye Letter Copies of the SLC and Erudio statements "We ask that you now contact
  5. Thanks both, for the advice. I've now sent the letter to the solicitors, with only digital signature and got proof of postage.... let's see!
  6. Thank you I will do. "You have not communicated with the creditor admitting you owe the debt during the last six years." What would be my course of action if they refute the SB letter, stating for example that since I applied to defer the loan in 2014 from Erudio direct, I admitted the debt and communication did not in fact break down. Will I go to Financial Ombudsman for help at that point? I'm not worried about credit scores, in future, just being harassed: "The seven-year mark does not erase the actual debt, particularly if it's un
  7. Well if that is true I'm defintely donating to this website! Am turning boxes inside out to be sure there was no 2013 deferment, as am not sure 2012 was the last one. Q: If I have corresponded with them since 2012, also asked for deferral forms direct from Erudio is that a recognition of my debt, cancelling the Statute Barred? Would it be safer to send a SAR - if I understand this means the "reply by 30 days or we make take court action" time frame is reset so buys me time - and also confirms at their expense the date of last referral? THANK
  8. Hi, well I went through all my old papers. I found a deferment from SLC dated 15th May 2012 saying my deferment period ended on 9/7/ 2012, plus a statement sent by them later that year. So I must have deferred that year. I thought I must have deferred in 2013 but can't find anything. I had some email correspondence with Erudio in May 2014, in which they responded to my request in early May for a form and sent me the deferment form for 2014, and also contacted me by post later in June only to refuse my application for deferment and refuted my protest against their deman
  9. Thank you! Last deferment was 2013 with SLC. Erudio refused all the info I gave them, which is what I had always supplied the SLC, saying they wanted more info. Do I have to give the solicitors DD info? I really don't feel comfortable doing that. I read of countless Erudio mistakes with withdrawals. Am I no longer dealing with Erudio, I'd be happy with that. I have to agree to some payment plan, in my dreams I'd like to dispute the loan entirely on the basis that it was pressed on my when I was teen, and I only defaulted when they sold my loans, otherise I'd
  10. Hi there, I'm yet another victim of the govt loan sell off! After years of smooth relations with SLC, the transition to Erudio (Red Arrow) was horrible. I complained in 2014 about their handling and their refused my complaint and deferment info, although that same info had worked fine with SLC. I have honestly never been over the threshold and do too much volunteering to feel guilty about being too poor to repay. Because of their aggressiveness, after phone calls etc, I decided in 2014 to ignore everything as a matter of principle. Time went by an
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