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  1. yeah got the warrant stayed, awaiting court on the 29/05 just not sure what to do now, i can only tell the judge what happened and hope he agrees with me that I don't owe the money, but i don't trust in these things, i always seem to get bent over. going to ask my ex partner to come to court with me and explain to them what happened and that she is the one responsible. not sure the judge will believe me Even if i have some bits and pieces of proof of where i was living at the time
  2. i wouldn't let them in, as they was waiting on my front door when i got back from the park with my son, i got my phone out to record everything, they were being really nasty, even though they never knew where i lived untill i phone them up and told them i was sorting this out, horrid experience
  3. well from what the lady on the phone, customer service, told me it was because they knew i had my bank statements sent to my exs address, since we broke up i have been staying at friends place untill i found a flat to rent in margate , but the place had a communal post box so for safety i got my letters sent there, thats until i met my new partner and we moved in to together, other than that i don't really know, i can't actually pay the bill a single there isnt one anymore, or i would just to get them off my back, the actual bill is 890 the rest is
  4. i have just this minuet sent them a SAR. hopefully i'll get something from them, but so far they havnt responded to any emails i sent. my ex has already written the letter explaining things for the judge to read when it finally get to court. shes a decent woman and if i asked her she would come down and go to court with me, in her letter she accepted responsibility i just can't understand why the water company won't respond ?? feels like i'm going to get shafted here, how it can go from £890 to £3200 in the space of two weeks i don't know, i
  5. hi. i never actually got any letters from anyone untill i found out about the CCJ then i asked the court for details of who it was from southern water company, then as soon as i phoned up the collection agency they came around was rude as anything and said they was going to take my stuff. then told me the bill had gone up from £890 to £3200. that's when i got a stay at the court, other than that i havnt had any letters at all
  6. hi, i'm kind of hoping someone might be able to help me out with this issue, i don't have money to go and see a solicitor so i'm doing it myself,, i recently looked up my credit file on a web site and was shocked to see a CCJ, i had no idea what it was about i called up the court and they gave me the company it was a water bill from a house that i never lived at, it was in fact my ex partners home where she moved after we split up, i moved out and on to a friends flat for about six months and she, my ex, went to live in margate with
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