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  1. Thanks for the advice - will give that a go - thanks
  2. Hello dx100uk - It wasn't related to Halifax so am presuming it was a newday one. I haven't ever sent a CCA request. I believe the last time I made a payment was around 2011/2012. There is nothing on my credit file for this debt ( checked file today) - thanks
  3. Hello dx100uk - The oc is Aqua and yes I'm 99.9% sure the card was taken out at my present address - I've lived here for about 15 years - thanks
  4. Hello all - I've just received a letter from Cabot Financial advising they have passed an outstanding credit card balance of around £7000 to Ruthbridge Ltd. The letter from Ruthbridge states that they are acting as an agent of Cabot Financial and that : We are able to discuss various repayment options, these include: Repayment of the debt by realistic instalments over an agreed period. Early settlement of the debt by payment of a single lump sum. To avoid any further action it is important you make contact with us. You should be aware this debt will remain outstandi
  5. Thanks dx - I realised the client was Cabot - just 'clients agent' had me thinking that was a separate body and it sent the stress levels up again - Thanks again for putting my mind at rest - thanks
  6. Hello all Just received another letter from Mortimer Clarke this morning stating : We are instructed by our client to close your account. Your account has been referred back to our client and your debt remains outstanding. Our clients agent will be in touch in due course, as appropriate. Not sure who/what the 'clients agent' is - does this mean they are going back to County Court/Bailiffs option? As I mentioned earlier I have a court letter from 2016 stating the attachment of earning option appears to have been struck out. Would appreciate any ide
  7. Thanks ericsbrother - will bear this in mind - hopefully they will decide against going back to court - thanks
  8. Thanks again - I will read up on that - have always assumed I would not be able to claim because I was unable to keep up repayments and defaulted. - thanks
  9. Thanks for your replies dx and renegadeimp Since posting this morning I have managed to find a couple of Court letters related to the CCJ awarded against me in 2015 (the case references match up.) I had contacted the court to state I was unemployed via a N56 statement of means form. The last letter dated Sept 2016 from the court is a General Form of Judgement or Order it says : It is ordered that: The application for attachment of earnings is adjourned generally with liberty to restore, but if there is no application to restore within 6 months it will be and is h
  10. Hello all - I've received another letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors over the weekend asking me again to complete an income/expenditure form within the next 14 days and to include an offer of payment. Letter states: We wrote to you recently regarding your outstanding balance with 'credit card company' We were hoping to talk to you about your circumstances and arranging a repayment plan but we have not heard from you. It's important that you address the outstanding balance and we want to give you an opportunity to tell us about your current circumstances and agr
  11. Hello London1971 - Thanks for the info and advice - hopefully I won't hear anything more from either of them.
  12. Thanks for the update dx - I was panicking about these 2 letters - rather than ignoring them like a few years ago - I thought I would try and be more proactive and sort them out much earlier. Will take your advice and wait for any further letters - thanks dx
  13. Hello ericsbrother - the CCJ awarded in 2015 is for exactly the same amount that they are claiming for in their recent CCJ awarded letters - it can really only be for the same credit card. Unfortunately, I just ignored any letters received in 2015. I've checked my credit file again today and no new CCJ's have been added and there are no new upcoming changes - so not sure how they can claim they have recently obtained a CCJ. I'm not sure what to do next when trying to fight my corner. I've read if I contact these companies then the clock starts tic
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