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  1. Hello All - I have just received another letter from Cabot Financial dated 14th August - They state that because they have been unable to contact me they are instructing a company called Resolvecall to visit my home. have seven days to get in touch with Cabot or I will receive a visit from Resolvecall. It's taken five days for the letter to arrive at my home. I thought this problem was over a couple of years ago. Would appreciate any advice - thanks
  2. Hello All - I have received another letter from Cabot Financial a few days ago June 2021 regarding the above debt and asking me to contact them to set up a repayment plan. It starts ' Thanks for opening our letter you've completed the first step in taking control of your account. Taking the next step in contacting us can be scary but we know once you do it'll put your mind at ease.' As far as I am concerned the debt was struck out by the court back in Sept 2016 so I'm not sure why they are trying again. Is this letter just phishing for a response from me or can I send them a letter asking them to stop contacting me. Would appreciate any advice - Thank you
  3. Thanks for your replies. I tried searching for my post from a while back but could not find it. Yes I believe I did send the statute barred letter a couple of years ago and haven't heard another thing until the letter today. I will send another SB letter to Global Debt Recovery and see what happens. I don't have any credit card numbers/ agreements just debt company reference numbers so not sure if I can send CCA request as well. Thanks Paul
  4. Thanks again for the advice Andyorch - will do as you say - radio silence
  5. Thanks for your reply Andyorch - Unfortunately there are no credit card account numbers quoted in the letter to identify which credit card company is involved. It just states the outstanding balance and that the original lender is SAV Credit. It only has the Cabot/Global Debt Recovery reference numbers for this debt. Did a quick internet search and SAV credit was also known as Newday Cards Ltd - neither of which I recognise. Thanks Paul
  6. Hello All - I've received a letter today from Cabot Financial advising that they are passing on a debt to Global Debt Recovery Ltd as they haven't been able to contact me. I haven't received any letters from Cabot for a couple of years and those letters didn't quote any amount like £7000. I haven't ever contacted Cabot either. My address hasn't changed for over 10 years. The letter states that the outstanding balance is around £7000 and the Original lender according to this letter is SAV Credit. I don't recognise this debt amount as I've never had a credit card with that sort of credit amount (4000 was my max limit) and I don't recognise 'SAV Credit'. I've checked my credit file and nothing new has been added. I have one CCJ granted in 2015 for £3500 which I assume expires at the end of this year. On the other side of the same letter Global Debt Recovery are asking me to contact them to arrange a repayment on this debt. My financial problems are from around 2012/2013 and I'm sure I was unable to make any repayments to my debts from around that time so I'm assuming that this would make this debt 'statute barred' anyway. I was made redundant a few years ago and I'm on Universal Credit at the moment and have no way of paying this kind of money. I'm not too keen on just ignoring this type of letter as that has caused me problems in the past. Would appreciate any advice Thank you
  7. Thanks for the advice - will give that a go - thanks
  8. Hello dx100uk - It wasn't related to Halifax so am presuming it was a newday one. I haven't ever sent a CCA request. I believe the last time I made a payment was around 2011/2012. There is nothing on my credit file for this debt ( checked file today) - thanks
  9. Hello dx100uk - The oc is Aqua and yes I'm 99.9% sure the card was taken out at my present address - I've lived here for about 15 years - thanks
  10. Hello all - I've just received a letter from Cabot Financial advising they have passed an outstanding credit card balance of around £7000 to Ruthbridge Ltd. The letter from Ruthbridge states that they are acting as an agent of Cabot Financial and that : We are able to discuss various repayment options, these include: Repayment of the debt by realistic instalments over an agreed period. Early settlement of the debt by payment of a single lump sum. To avoid any further action it is important you make contact with us. You should be aware this debt will remain outstanding if ignored and we urge you to work with us. This is a credit card debt from around 7 years ago - I can't ever remember having a credit card limit of 6-7000 so not sure how this figure is correct. I'm currently on Universal Credit and have no way of paying this back. I've checked my credit report today and can see no CCJ for this debt I have lived at the same address for over 10 years. I'm guessing they are just fishing for a reply but would appreciate any advice please just in case - thank you
  11. Thanks dx - I realised the client was Cabot - just 'clients agent' had me thinking that was a separate body and it sent the stress levels up again - Thanks again for putting my mind at rest - thanks
  12. Hello all Just received another letter from Mortimer Clarke this morning stating : We are instructed by our client to close your account. Your account has been referred back to our client and your debt remains outstanding. Our clients agent will be in touch in due course, as appropriate. Not sure who/what the 'clients agent' is - does this mean they are going back to County Court/Bailiffs option? As I mentioned earlier I have a court letter from 2016 stating the attachment of earning option appears to have been struck out. Would appreciate any ideas/advice please - thanks
  13. Thanks ericsbrother - will bear this in mind - hopefully they will decide against going back to court - thanks
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