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  1. hi yes it is short for TOPCASHBACK. I have the paperwork , but somehow forgot how to send to you regards Hope I have done this right. thanks Policy Schedule.pdf
  2. hello I am new Girl to forum I am asking advice re TCB payout I took out pet insurance with ASDA thru TCB in Feb 2018, my cashback should have been £40+ First it was confirmed, then Pending, after almost a year it was still Pending.! It never reached Payable. I submitted several support tickets to TCB,got several replies,it is still waiting for ASDA to confirm and pay me. My last contact with TCB, the reply was, We are sorry and understand your disappointment, but, this payout may not even happen now!!!! And cannot be taken further. I am furious,that this has gone on for so long, and feel misled! I have even renewed the pet insurance with ASDA again, because I thought, I would still receive the cashback eventually. It does seem to be unfair practice! Do I have any rights to take further and who with? Hope you can help, this would have helped with my renewal. regards
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