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  1. Hi DX100UK Thanks for your reply, the only thing I'd say is that I suppose in my case its a little more complex! I don't just want them off my back, I NEED to have a working copy of solidworks to run my business. (I'd expected I'd have to go down the monthly license fee route and this entrepreneurship programme looked brilliant) But either way - I can't just ignore them and hope it goes away - I need to get the software up and running as fast as possible - and I want to do it legitimately which means talking to Dassault one way or another. But it appears these ambulanc
  2. Firstly - thank you for the quick response and taking the time to do so. Calmed the nerves slightly... however I've spoken to the reseller again today - had to check if he was still coming for our planned meeting - he wasn't. However he also let slip a few things as I questioned him pretty hard on what this is all about. 1. He said Dassault won't care if I used the software or not - and have stated their attitude can be summarised using the following metaphor (one which Dassault staff use themselves) If someone steals a porsche it doesn't matter if they get 10 feet o
  3. Hi chaps. I know this is a few months on but I’ve supposedly received one of these emails from CHCJ and got a slightly different story. Im a designer who uses CAD (specifically Solidworks) regularly. However up until March this year, this usage was wholly on an employed basis under full license from the companies who employed me within their office premises. I have just set up on my own (as in - less than. 6 weeks ago) and after a bit of searching bought a second hand Solidworks machine I found on Gumtree which was loaded with what the chap assured me was a legit copy
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