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  1. Anybody think its worth telling the DCA my new address? I know this sounds like a terrible idea, however I feel guilty about all following letters going to my previous address with new tenants and, and I'm not sure if Wescot use third parties (family members, work, although they shouldn't have information for either) to find people they are pursuing. -b
  2. Are you sure of this? From what I've read, as a representative debt collectors can actually take you to court, even if PayPal themselves don't.
  3. hi all. In April 2019 I posted about owing 2.3k to PayPal, who sold my debt to Wescot. Since then there has been a long war of words, mostly thin assertions that 'PayPal has advised us that...', and signatures from staff at PayPal that are supposed to prove that I owe the debt. I've recently moved house, and am considering my options with the case going forward; I had initially intended to cut them off after the last year with no definitive proof, saying in my last letter that I trusted the matter was closed, providing no forward address. However, after doing some more research recently I'm slightly concerned about what might happen if I dont keep them at arms distance with letter disputes, and that they may sue me and add the court bills through a CCJ (County Court judgement.) What is the liklihood of this or them finding my new address? I'm also slightly concerned how my letting agency may react if against odds Wescot send bailiffs to my previous address, as this was with the same letting agency I use with my current house, and also where they will likely continue to send letters. Advice? Thanks. -b
  4. Got my 'we are looking into your account, this may take several weeks' letter response from my demand of a signed agreement as proof of my debt, which should not exist. Hopefully paypal's evidence is as poor as everyone says. -b
  5. Small update. Wescot have now started perusing me, to which I immediately sent a letter spelling out the necessity to stop all contact until they prove the debt is mine. Since they shouldn't have my signature as I didnt sign anything, hopefully this will work. Any experience with these guys? -b
  6. Thanks for the reassurance, my faith started to waiver when I got a text from a DCA about the Ebay fees (£377) which I paid seen as it wasnt paypal and I'm sure ebay are more efficient in collecting money. I blocked PayPal's number but they still leave me several voicemails a day. Will update.
  7. Over the last few months I've read almost every page and forum there is concerning paypal debt and collectors, because I have my own paypal debt of 2.3k. Some say if you are unresponsive and ignore debt collectors, you will end up having to pay court fees much higher than the original bill, others say you can ignore them and they will just go away, with no court case ever happening. This site seems to be by far the most positive in terms of certainty of not having to pay them, although I dont know if this is due to a higher level of experience and knowledge here, a lack of knowledge everywhere else or both. All stories seem to go MIA after a while or be over 5 years old, I'm looking for any tangible stories of the long-term. In short, I do legitimately owe this money but I was scammed by someone else into doing so (see my other post) and to pay it back would make life hard for me for the next few years while I pay off the money, and I want to avoid any mounting costs. PayPal do not have access to my bank as they have not taken any money. I have received no letters and so assume they are being sent to an old address, although this does make me worry if I did recieve a court summons I would miss it. I'd be very grateful for an up to date discussion on these matters and any personal experiences anyone can offer. -b
  8. I had another in depth phone call, this time with the floor supervisor. He explained to me that because I'm trying to stop several one off payments, not recurring payments, that they cannot block PayPal from taking money from my account, and that even if they did put in place a PCA cancellation, they could push it through anyway, as the responsibility lies with PayPal. My card is cancelled but it looks like I cant do anything more. Suggestions?
  9. Update: I just had another lengthy phone call with my bank. They said it is not possible to stop payments to a third party retailer as that wouldn't work. After explaining many different ways that PayPal have my details and I wish to prevent them taking any payments, I was met with the same answer. I explained several times I was not trying to cancel a direct debit, but a CPA. She told me if it was Netflix or a gym membership, it would be different.
  10. This is infinitely helpful, thank you so much. It may be because the 3 payments are currently on hold on PayPal, and the cases have not been ended yet. What should I say if the bank staff say 'which transaction would you like to prevent?' The 3 on my PayPal? Thanks for the support you guys, its reassuring.
  11. My bank is natwest. I will send a letter also, seen as that way they'll definitely have it in writing. Are there any law guidelines I can use e.g. 'I have the right to revoke any continuous payment authorisation for any companies' etc?
  12. Is there any exact phrasing anyone can give me so they understand? They seem to be confused. How do I explain when they say I can't?
  13. That's good to hear. I just got off the phone with my bank and they asked for a specific transaction to remove cpa for, as they cannot blanket block all payment taken due to each transaction being separate. He advised me to cancel my card and get a new one which I did, but my PayPal has my old card details and often re-routes to my current account anyway. Will PayPal still be able to charge me?
  14. I've now removed any direct debits for PayPal and called my bank, instructing them to cancel any PayPal cpa, which I also recorded. Is there any chance the buyers could take me to court or will Ebay/PayPal refund them if I don't respond to their cases on PayPal? I appreciate the help as this is quite a frightening situation to be in, owing thousands.
  15. Hey guys. Long story short, I sold some items on my Ebay, which a supplier was then supposed to send to them. After almost 4k of sales, they took their cut (95% of the money) and vanished. Now I'm left with 3 angry buyers who want a refund, and no money. My PayPal account is connected to my bank still which I cannot remove since one buyer already opened a case against me. I'm aware they may pass the case to a DCA. What do I do? Can they take me to court? UK.
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