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  1. Hi Bankfodder yes I did, they said that they were pleased it wasn’t just getting thrown away. I said that the autistic kids will love it as it’s so bright and colourful. I’m glad some good will come of the mix up
  2. Hi after a few more exchanged emails where they still refused to acknowledge the colour error and reiterated that I had return it at my cost, they have now agreed a full refund. After I advised them I would get my refund as the process was already underway and all photos and correspondence had been forwarded onto the relevant dept as evidence. They do not want the paint back so will donate it to a local centre for autistic children to use in their sensory garden area. Massive thank you to all who took the time to reply to my post I am extremely grateful
  3. Hi I’ve spoken to my bank explained everything and they’ve started the process of charge back. They will be in touch by tues to arrange email of all my correspondence to them with the paint company plus the photographic evidence. They have said if the company wants the paint back then they should make arrangements (cost wise) for it as it is not what was ordered. I have emailed the company stating that their conditions for returning the paint (as stated on their website) at my cost is only in the case of me changing my mind. Since this is not the case and they
  4. Hun guys, so I have heard back this evening from ‘buypsintsonline’ they say I can return the paint and uponnreveiving the paint they will issue me with a refund. However I have to pay for the cost of returning it as they say that the paint has been mixed and supplied correctly. So they are still saying that the turquoise blue paint in the pictures I sent is the right paint ? How can it be when it’s supposed to be dark forest green ? I’m not happy about paying return postage when it’s clearly the completely wrong colour. Any thoughts ? Thanks in advance x
  5. Hi King12345 I hope so as I’m not normally one to complain. But I’d checked Sadolin Superdec swatch colours in a local store before I ordered it. I still expected a bit of colour variation but not this much lol I’ll keep my fingers crossed
  6. Thank you King12345 it’s because it was mixed it was a bit confusing. Tbh if it was any shade of dark green I wouldn’t bother I’d work with it. But bright turquoise is a bit far off lol. Waiting to hear off their reply now before I contact my bank
  7. Bankfodder thank you so much for taking the time to reply and advise me. I will email them now and see what their reply is. If it is not satisfactory I will contact my bank Monday morning and begin the chargeback process. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. Once again many thanks
  8. Hi Bankfodder It’s a company called ‘buypaintsonline’ and I paid with my visa debit card. It should be a dark British racing green colour and I have bright Caribbean turquoise blue. Lovely colour just not for my garden and def not what I ordered or was shown on their website
  9. Hi everyone I ordered some brand exterior paint online from a retailer. I ordered a darker green just in case it came out lighter on drying. What they have supplied is a bright turquoise definitely not dark green. I have advised them with 48 hours of delivery that it is completely the wrong colour. I have supplied pictures of the paint in tin as well as a small test piece as requested by them and codes on tin. They are saying that the paint I have is the right colour despite being completely different to their description and colour picture.
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