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  1. I receive £66.15 per week and he receives his state pension of £168 per week. we don't get anything else.
  2. it said £78.02 / weekly Our estimate is based on the information you have entered and does not guarantee entitlement. It uses 19/20 benefit and tax rates. This amount is made up of the following benefits: Universal Credit £0.00 / weekly On the basis of the data entered you are not entitled to Universal Credit. We estimate your monthly Universal Credit will be £0.00. Carers Allowance £66.15 / weekly Client Carer's Allowance entered by user. For more information see Result page Council Tax Support £11.87 / weekly Your full Council Tax bill of £23.73 per week will be reduced to £11.87 per week because of your entitlement to Council Tax Support. The amount you get can be affected by other benefits. We have included the amounts we have calculated for Carer's Allowance (£66.15 per week). Does this mean we would receive help paying our rent as I don't understand them.
  3. I have been told by the council and welfare rights again because I receive £64. and my partner £168 state pension we aren't entitled to help with the rent and that I would have to pay from the carers £79 per week rent payments and that we couldn't claim universal credit as they would also tell us we aren't entitled. I'm at my wits end as by the time we pay full rent and council tax along with bills and food we aren't going to manage.
  4. Thanks, Just wish someone out there could tell us what to do as our housing benefits due to stop.
  5. Welfare rights lady told us not to claim uc as it would affect the carers allowance and what we pay in housing benefit.
  6. So they would take off Carers and give you less UC do you mean? Don't know what a carers premium is.
  7. We are a mixed aged couple and my partner receives his state pension of £168 per week beginning of November. We currently have a joint claim for ESA but that stops due to the pension starting. We will have his state pension and my carers allowance. What I need to know is I worked out that we'd have to pay £21 per week rent and ct of £11. Is this correct as at moment we receive housing benefit in full? I was told not to apply for UC as it will strip me of the carers so we just don't know what do to and not getting much advice.
  8. We are a mixed age couple where I am 53 and my partner turns 65 on May 2nd 2019 but is not pension age till 6 Nov 2019. I am a full time carer to him as he has health problems and have been for a few year. We are in receipt of esa which he claims for us both as well as full housing benefit until Nov then it stops due to my partner reaching his state pension then. Am I right in thinking we won't be able to make a claim for pension credit and will have to go onto universal credit. What my question is is I will be forced to look for work which I cannot do even as much as I'd like to do as I have to care for my partner. So will this now mean we won't be able to claim uc also and just have my partners state pension to live off ? Thank you in advance for any help.
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