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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the response. One thing has been bothering me though. As i mentioned above, i signed up at a promotional price, and it states in the contract, and i quote - "If you have selected a contract term which is greater than 12 months, you may cancel your contract after 12 months with 30 days written notice but must pay the balance between the highest monthly membership option at the time of cancellation, less the amount you had already paid on the longer term contract. For example, lets say you chose a 36 month promotional price option of £20 p
  2. Hi guys, More info incoming. DFC have now sent me a letter stating that failure to communicate with them leaves them with no option but to enforce the agreement. They’re asking me to repay the debt of £333.00 and state that failure to respond will result in my file being passed to a debt collection agency (I was under the impression that they were a DCA themselves, so this is confusing). They’ve sent me a tear off slip and instructions to pay along with all the official sounding language and a printed signature of the customer services manager
  3. Me again, this is their latest offering, despite the guy from the gym saying it was a 12 month contract, they’re stating 36. Still safe to ignore? Ive reported their messages as spam but they still seem to be coming through oddly enough. “We note that you have not brought your payments to One on One Fitness up to date, despite two reminders. The position now is that you owe £69.00, including fees. You have an agreement with the service provider that commits you to pay for the services for an initial term of 36 instalments and the service provider is en
  4. Hi guys, small update here. Received text message on Wednesday just gone (the 29th) from DFC saying account is overdue with a link to pay, also an email on Tuesday (the 28th) saying the same thing with a £15.00 fee slapped on for good measure. They state if this isn't paid within 7 days of the date of the email (so the 4th of June) then it'll incur another £15.00 "as per the terms of your agreement". Considering I've cancelled in writing as per Slick's letter outline (Royal Mail signed for) with 30 days notice (received confirmation of delivery) and am outs
  5. Update: Gym phoned me about 20 mins ago (had to answer as I didn't recognise the number, was from a mobile) saying they'd received my letter and were trying to give me a number to call (I assume the debt company) saying that I could simply tell them to cancel the membership since it's over 12 months and they'll do it now. I just told the guy what I said in the letter and nothing more as I have a feeling if I cancel through them they'll try to make me pay the other half of the membership fee due to my promotional rate. Guy on the phone seemed to think my con
  6. Really appreciate this pal, much thanks. I’ll report back regarding the response. Cheers!
  7. Basic etiquette I assume? Or is there a legal reason? I appreciate your advice so far by the way, I’m drafting the letter as we speak.
  8. So just tell them I’m cancelling and leave out the “after the next payment” then? Then when it’s taken later this month, simply cancel the DD?
  9. Thanks for the reply. As far as writing a letter, anything I need to include? Or is it just a case of “I’m cancelling after the next payment, I’m letting you know as a courtesy”, something to that effect? Sorry for the questions but I’ve not done this before, obviously. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, I've been doing some general reading of the forum and have become aware of the lack of legal powers DCA's possess and that fact that there hasn't been a court case in a long time, however, I would appreciate your advice on my particular situation. I joined a gym (One on One Fitness) on the 17/4/18 so the minimum period (12 months) is up soon. The issue I'm struggling with, however, is that I signed up on a promotional rate which required a 36 month term. This is explained to be separate from the minimum 12 months but it is stated that if the members
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