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  1. I apparently have another letter arriving from Lloyds, I'll upload as soon as it arrives. Thanks very much for the help. I was told 'no insurance, no loan' they've tried to say that was a legal requirement in 1995. Also, there was no explanation at all of the insurance being assigned to the bank, no discussion re existing cover, and to top it all I've had a heart condition since the 80s (which was dismissed as it didn't matter) so it probably wouldn't have paid out anyway if the worst had happened! Even I can see a few holes in this
  2. Hi, I'm after some more advice please as I'm getting lost off here. Lloyd's fobbed me off, after twice asking for copies of the paperwork (which they sent me anyway under the SAR), and me sending it to them they said the policy was underwritten by someone else so not their responsibility. They also said that in the 90s it was a legal position that I would have to take out the insurance to get the loan. I pointed out that I already had comprehensive cover and they were already using property I owned as security. I was then told, selling propert
  3. Possibly insurance on a loan or equipment finance. I'll SAR them tomorrow. Thanks
  4. I have been going through old bank statements and found 2 monthly payments to Genworth hiring back several years. This is a business account, and we never knowingly signed up for either of these (no records of what the payments are for anywhere). The insurances would be pointless/ void as I am self employed and have, and always have had, comprehensive personal and business insurance elsewhere (that I did arrange). Should I contact genworth direct? Are they legally bound to reply as per ppi rules, even though i have no other details? Thanks for any assistance.
  5. I've sent Lloyds all the requested info, and more. One last query, when they sent their request, I assume the 8 weeks doesn't start again and that they still have 8 weeks from original receipt to advise of their decision? Thanks again for the assistance.
  6. Found another with Clydesdale.
  7. Clydesdale have replied too but just saying they'll reply within 8 weeks. Fingers crossed it may be sooner.
  8. Fair enough. I've got everything here, belt and braces so I'll send the lot in. Thanks again.
  9. Lloyd acknowledge the issue but require : account details, proof of payment, statements etc. I have them all so will scan them and send them off but this seems like stalling and surely they can't legally require all that?
  10. Thanks for all the info. I've actually got 2 insurance covers, both business loan cover, which we were told we had to take out and which we already had elsewhere. I've got both loan agreements and all statements so I'll follow your instructions and see what happens. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks very much. I'll get it looked into.
  12. Hi all, I'm after some advice hopefully. We took out a business loan in 1995, at the time we were told that I had to take out a personal insurance cover in order to secure the loan. Don't take the cover, no loan. I've still got all the docs and paperwork etc. The issue is I already had life insurance in place elsewhere. This was never asked about or considered, I was just told you must take the insurance policy with us or you can't have the loan. It now seems ridiculous I was paying twice for the same product. Is this a case of
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