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  1. Reply to BankFodder: I'm extremely grateful to you for your reply, and for showing such concern. Unfortunately, I'm highly sceptical about the Legal Ombudsman route. Look them up in Trustpilot and you'll see that nearly every single review is totally negative: the consensus appears to be 'they work for the lawyers, not the complainants'. The last letter my barrister sent me was full of false allegations about me, then finished with: "You are at liberty to refer this matter to the Legal Ombudsman". He actually wants me to do this, and I'm
  2. I am a 67-year-old man who has been suffering from severe clinical depression continuously since 1999. I am the tenant of a housing association, and have had a lot of problems with the organisation over a number of years, and consequently, I have sent a number of written complaints to it. In August 2018, it applied for an antisocial behaviour injunction just because of these complaints, even though it was clear that every complaint I made was substantiated, and was couched it polite and unthreatening language. I was very hurt at this, because there is nothing about me tha
  3. Thank you for your reply, Bazza. Yes, I do have both recordings. I get your point about a barrister having to tell their client they might not win, but if you heard the phone call, I think you'd suspect that something else was going on here. First he more or less said that the HA had no case against me at all, but it was only when I insisted on not opting for mediation (for the third time, as I'd already rejected mediation twice in emails to him) that he began to say the HA might win. He also emphasised how long the case might go on for: at first he said two
  4. I don't know which forum is the most appropriate for this topic, so I'm putting it here in the hope that an administrator will assign it to where it should be. A few weeks ago I posted a topic titled 'misled by barrister' and it included a question about making a recording of a meeting. One member answered saying that there were people in these forums who knew quite a lot about the law relating to making recordings, and that one might soon come along and post a reply to my topic, but unfortunately, no one did. This is why I'm posting this new topic. I'll begin with a br
  5. Thank you for that reply. It so happens that I have recordings of everything my barrister said. This however raises a problem, and perhaps you or someone else could give an opinion here. Two days before the mediation meeting I was sent an email containing the rules governing the meeting, but I was so stressed that I did not read them very closely. I suspected dishonesty might take place at the meeting, but I could not back out of it without having to pay the fee, which was a huge sum. So I went to the meeting and I recorded everything. It was only several weeks after the meeting th
  6. I would be extremely grateful if anyone here could offer their opinion on a problem that has been making me feel very depressed for months now. It is a long story - it began back in 2014 - but I will be as brief as I possibly can. In a nutshell, a barrister pressured me into going into mediation with my landlord (a housing association) rather than defending myself in Court, very much against my better judgment. I believe he was acting dishonestly in this. During the one-day mediation session, the other party behaved dishonestly and my barrister did nothing abo
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