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  1. The date stamps on the images are 4 minutes apart but typed in a column above is 12.51(11 minutes) all irrelevant as no contract exists anyway. Probably got about 6-8 points which negate the invoice. The landowners address is the same as EURO PARKING tossers which is annoying as I need to write to them explaining that they are breaking data protection regarding the use of images of myself etc.
  2. Ok. Thanks for the info'-NTK : The contravention was detected and recorded by Manual Number Plate Recognition(MNPR) on foot patrol at the privately operated car park/site specified opposite. GLADSTONES did respond to the CPR request and the documents are 20 pages-most of which are exploded images of the 2 signs that exist. One at the entrance (invitation to treat) and the on site one with terms and conditions. Not sure that the GLADSTONES and Ericsbrother ref above are tongue in cheek?
  3. In the CPR request response from GLADSTONES. There is a reference to 'a Notice to Driver was affixed to the vehicle'. This is not true. Only images of the vehicle submitted in the NTK.??
  4. Ok-thanks for that. I did specify Birmingham anyway. I am still unable to download the ICO register but can see the EP 'privacy policy' which because they have written it, covers anything imaginable i will write to the landowners as well, as you suggested.
  5. Ha ha- some hopes, although the defendant(my daughter) is currently in Manila, whilst I'm in the kitchen. Defendant is an individual: defendants home court pursuant to CPR 26.2A(3) is the correct reason for N180 response?
  6. Thanks-I do read the posts on here constantly and don't just rely on specific advice. I do need to telll the court where we would like the hearing to take place? I will ask them the options
  7. Thanks for that, surely only 2 copies, one for us and the other to the County Court?
  8. Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track. Just arrived-defendant(my daughter) just off back backing around the Phillipines, so any more contribution other than a possible signature unlikely. i take it as advised that we do not agree to this and ask for an oral hearing? i can see that we have the N180, so this should be straightforward
  9. Latest blurb from GLADSTONES :a copy of their Client's completed Directions questionnaire to proceed with the claim. No oral hearing is their request. i take this is for info' only and we don't need to respond to anyone?
  10. Ok-I sent the defence to the County Court a few days ago. Thanks, I'm indebted to you.
  11. Good point Ericsbrother: I can see that on the Notice to Keeper it refers to 'recorded by Manual Number Plate Recognition' on foot patrol, although the site notice refers to "may" use ANPR. So I may steer away from that at the moment. i think that the lack of info' on the signage at the entrance should suffice. Nothing about payment and stating 45 minutes free parking for Chamberlain Building Retail Units Patrons Only. As previously stated nothing about terms and conditions detail occur until the on site notice. Therefore NO CONTRACT could exist, as you pointed out.
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