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  1. I know I wanted to get it up there smartish and I've spent about 4 months on this outrage. Otherwise I would have included my time.
  2. Thanks-I had read the link at the top but not the following article. I kept it simple and delivered it by hand this for a nominal amount. It is 10 days since the court date, so I will see if there is a positive resonse. This morning**
  3. Ok-Went to court last week. The court process was mad, you couldn't move in there and the clerks were pleasant but it was like having a chat with the milkman. No kind of guidance but we got in after 10 minutes, judge gave me the opportunity to speak on her behalf. She was articulate so it worked with both of us speaking. He seemed to pad it out a lot. He made the point that GLADSTONES hadn't turned up because of the cost, he then said that the notices were misleading but noted that the signs they supplied didn't exist anywhere. the most damning thing was they submi
  4. Dx: half the comments they have put are not relevant or apply to anything we have stated. So not about to throw the towel in just yet.
  5. Ok. Point taken. Still didnt think they should comment before the court date. Not worried just curious
  6. Gladstones refer to an operator-shouldnt this person be present in court as their witness? The account of events by operator are completely ficticious. How can we question this?
  7. They haven't identified any signs- just said signs. Plus I didn't think they are supposed to make comments about our WS until the day? They've gone on about DVLA details and haven't referred to signage at the entrance just the one on site and the fact that she had been to Greggs...
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