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  1. Thanks for your responses. I haven’t been tagged by anyone/thing corrosive to my knowledge! ill try writing a more formal letter to Ralph Lauren quoting consumer rights act etc and see what they say, I’ve dealt with online customer service up to now. Unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to go for a professional second opinion, or whether it would be worth the cost. i think the reality is I can’t prove it is a fault, I guess they could argue it could have been caught or snagged on something and developed from there. Or a moth eating it in the wardrobe. Who knows. But knowing how I’ve looked after it and the progressive nature of this fault ( it has been getting bigger with wear) it just feels in my gut like a fault. but then again I am no expert, and I am biased because it feels unfair on me due to the money spent vs the lack of durability. thanks for your help
  2. I have worn a backpack from time to time it has padded straps. I don’t think it can be reasonably blamed on wearing a backpack personally! But i know the onus is on me to prove it was faulty which would be difficult
  3. here are the pictures Doc1.pdf
  4. hello I'm after some advice please. I bought a mens blazer from ralph lauren on line shop 2 years ago, the thick wool type. RRP £420 so obviously should be of high quality and last a reasonable time for the purchase price. after two years use (only in winter/autumn) the fabric in the upper back has developed an isolated fault (see pics), which seems to be growing bigger. I've contacted RL and they've fobbed me off saying it is consistent with wear and tear they would expect from 2 years use and regular washing. Obviously I think a £400 blazer should last a lot longer than this, 10 years at least if not forever, providing properly cared for. It has never even been washed! it feels like I have purchased a faulty item, even if the fault was not visible at the point of purchase, and has developed with wear, as it has not lasted what most reasonable people would deem to be a reasonable amount of time. I know the problem will be proving this of course, as they could just say I have damaged it. I would appreciate some advice /external views, should I pursue this or do I just put this one down to bad luck and suck it up......
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