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  1. I was called by this shambolic excuse of a company promising this and that ( 12gb data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, the best deals a broad and a new phone every 12 months plus paying off my end of term contract and discounting me £22 on the 18th of every month. Liam stickler emails you confirming your deposit of £22 on the 18th of every month plus a link to 02 priority to check your account. (Link doesn’t work) also he says leave a good review on trust pilot.. - don’t think so! So, no payment (£22) from jan and feb and prob no payment on 18th march, after numerous calls to Martin, Megan, Sarah and Fayre and a couple colleges of theres, they just palm you off.. and say they’ll call you back. Fayre says she’ll get my end of contract bill sorted with two weeks of joining (£452.30) no reply no returned email. Another lady says 90-180 days , Megan says she’ll personally call me back and personally go to the manager.. no reply.. Sarah says she’ll call another party of there’s and ring me straight back.. no call, no email. Martin says he’ll chase the (£22) up and call me back.. after saying there’s been an issue with the system. I’ve emailed the complaints department twice now and no reply. First email was over two weeks ago.. the next one states if I here nothing from them with a solution in the next 10 working days I’ll be contacting the small claims court. They have breached there part of the contract. Iv contacted 02 business and they are going to call them Monday with me on the other line.. so we’ll see what they say Hopefully they will get closed down and pay out what they owe!
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