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  1. I've had a response to my SAR. I can't find any information relating to the transfer of the debt to Advantis on it.
  2. Yes, my fault, I didn't spot that! Sorry. I'll send my Council Tax bill on email as that's how they've contacted me. It's only one address as I lived there for 20 years.
  3. It's let me upload them, here they are:- Customer Verification Instructions.pdf GDPR Customer Data Rights Information Sheet.pdf
  4. I didn't send a copy of my Council Tax bill but I did sign the letter. Trying to upload the attachments but the site won't let me.
  5. I've remembered - I was originally paying by monthly direct debit before it changed to meters. Anyway, reply received to my SAR:- Dear xxxx General Data Protection Regulation – Rights Request We understand that you wish to exercise one of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation legislation. To comply with the requirements of the Regulation you will see that we have requested some identity information from you. This information is required by us to ensure that we verify the identity of the person making the request before responding and to ensure that we do not disclose any information to anyone, unlawfully. On receipt of the identity documentation we will respond to you acknowledging receipt of the request and confirm when you can expect to receive a response from us. We have also sent an information sheet which details what information is useful to give us as part of your request and details the data rights process at Centrica for your convenience. For a most thorough search, it would be very useful to provide us with a full list of all properties where you have held products and services with us. It would be helpful if you could specify if there is specific data that you are looking for; i.e. Hive data. For us to provide your data via secure file transfer, security reasons require us to send your password separately. Please respond with the mobile phone number or postal address that you wish this to be sent to. It would also be very helpful for us to understand from you the reason that you are making this request so that we can continue to look for ways to improve our company’s processes and make being a customer of ours a better experience. We hope this clarifies our position and we look forward to hearing from you shortly. Yours sincerely, Steven Gale Data Protection Manager Centrica Privacy Operations privacy@centrica.com
  6. No, they changed to card meters from quarterly bills
  7. Yes, as far as I can remember, then changed to meters
  8. I can't remember when the last fully paid up bill was I'm afraid, it was so long ago. The bill is £960
  9. Nope, I was living in England and it's showing as British Gas and Scottish Gas for some reason but it was joint gas and electricity with British Gas.
  10. OK thanks. I'll SAR British Gas and see what I get in return then post back up.
  11. OK thanks. It's an old British Gas electric/gas bill from a property I was evicted from in October 2014. At the time, I was made homeless so many debts went unpaid. I recently applied for a PPI Refund and awakened a few DCA's by the looks of it. I'll ignore for now.
  12. Their stated client is British Gas and Scottish Gas. It's an old utility debt from a previous property from about four years ago. They state that British Gas are their clients.
  13. I am being chased by Advantis Credit for an old utility debt from about four years ago. My question is, whilst trying to negotiate repayment, do I have to fill in an Income and Expenditure form? I've already made a token payment offer to them which they have ignored . They just want me to fill in the form which I'm not prepared to do. It's none of their business how much I have coming in and going out of my bank account in my opinion. I have at least made them an offer. Can someone advise please.
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