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  1. I have received a demand from a solicitor regarding missed payment of ground rent due Feb 2019 . The reason for my missing payment is that my email provider had closed down Tesco.net and that was the name l had registered, with my leaseholder. I had telephoned the solicitor and explained the situation and have been told l must pay: Ground rent for 1/1/2019 to 31/1/2019. £ 296.48 Interest chargeable at 4%above base rate. £. 2.78 Admin charges -final reminder. £ 45.00 Admin charges- notice of legal action. £. 100.00 Legal costs. £. 145.75 VAT. £ 29.15 Total. £. 619.16 Would you please advise what l should pay, as l can only make payment to the solicitor
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