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  1. Hi there ! I’d like to know what happened. Me and my friend got caught today (I know we are in the wrong we do not need a lecture!) we got put in the little room and they asked us to fill out a form. I put fake details fake name everything. My friend however did not. I put an address that is my street but a different number. The security guard said that if we do not pay the fine then court action will be made (having read all this about RLP I don’t believe they will. However I’d like to know what actually happened to your case ? Did u not pay or did u pay or did u get a criminal record ? No police was called for us as they called a family memeber to confirm it’s us (I gave a friends number). So what next ? They have us on cctv obviously in the little room it had a camera so will the police post a picture of our faces to find us ? I heard that police have been asked to ignore anything that’s minor like that anything that’s under £100 pls help I am very scared. We are band from the Shop too
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