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  1. Oh thank you so much. Such a relief. I tried ringing them but was on hold for like 57 mins and gave up. Thank you so much my friend.
  2. Hi. I received a p60u this morning, I’m on ESA Income Based. I’m panicking because someone just said they only send them if claim has ended. I’m probably freaking out but is this true?
  3. strangly they’ve just emailed They are saying it isn’t them. They state that any searches with AF are soft searches and not carried out by them more done by credit agencies. It doesn’t explain why it says them though and it’s definitely a hard search but I guess they’ve responded and the guy is saying there is no concern from them. He said yes it’s anti financial crime but after looking through my account there is nothing he can see that’s an issue. At least I’ve had a response. He said he will add a note to my account to watch for any further applicatio
  4. Just giving them the 72 hours they say they want to reply. Interestingly I’ve found out something that I didn’t know. 118118 identify as two separate providers on credit searches. 118118 money (madison UK) which is used for initial credit searches. Madison Cf Uk limited t/a 118118 money is used solely by their head office In Cardiff so this indicates this isn’t the standard search or account management. Ive also noticed that the search they carried out this morning used a slightly different spelling of my name - used in 2010 for some strange reason. I think it was a
  5. I did ask this on phone to 118118. All she said was that the code used is for checking against fraudulent applications. I don’t see why they would do it now as I’ve had card for 5 months.
  6. Hey. I have registered with noodle and this is where I seen it. I registered with Experian and nothing. Not even a search from them yet it states on noodle it was done today. Total has has now displayed my credit report and although score has dropped from yesterday strangely it isn’t showing there. Just odd. 118118 refused to even discuss it which annoyed me even more. I’m probably over reacting I know this but still bugging me Tom
  7. It’s appearing on noodle as a search carried out this morning and my total money one isn’t allowing me to look at my credit report today just keeps showing 0 but it could be playing up I guess.
  8. hey I’m new to all this. Back story is very very bad credit. Wanted to start rebuilding. Chose 118118 money (wrongly) as a credit card. They are constantly doing hard credit searches almost weekly and it’s bringing my score down. Ive complained loads. Never get an answer. Today I get an alert that they have again done a hard search but displaying differently. It says AF. I’ve searched and it indicates a application fraud investigation. I’m horrified! It’s searched a previous name I used 15 years a
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