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  1. Hi Manxman in Exile, I did what you said above and this is what I found out I rang the hospital number on the original hospital letter and was told the original appointment has been cancelled, the day after the referral was made. It has been cancelled by someone at this GP practice, without even telling us. All we received was the appointment cancellation letter which I has mentioned in earlier posts What should I do now?
  2. Hi Manxman in exile, I have tried to summarise what happened in order so it is a more clear to your questions above #33 1. The GP surgery sent a Choose and book Referral letter, basically saying following your GP visit, you have been referred through the choice system. Please find enclosed paperwork with appointment details (all printed on surgery paper). This was not to the hosital which the GP and my mother had agreed on the week before. The enclosed paperwork shows appointment details and 'changing your appointment' to cancel or change go to www.nhs.uk/referrals (all this paperwork is dated 19th) I call the GP surgery explain to receptionist wrong hospital on referral, not the hositpal which GP agreed to send my mother to. Receptionist tells me he will speak to the medical secretary on Monday and ring me back on Monday. I could hear receptionist typing away on the keyboard (maube he cancelled the appointment?) I call the hospital (where my mother agreed with the GP to be sent) and ask if that specific medical department is available at the hospital (as the referral letter to the wrong hospital). Yes its available and yes they accept NHS patients but the GP has to make the referral. 2. Letter from the actual hospital dated 19th (same date as the GP letter in point 1 above) received with appointment details. After a few days.... 3. My mother has appointment at the surgery for something else, I explain to receptionist wrong referral received, not for hospital agreed by GP. Receptionist says 'nothing else is available'. I ask to speak to Practice Manager, get told he is in meeting. I explain NO choice been provided, receptionist rings medical secretary 'patients daughter is here not happy with patient not being given any choice etc'. Receptionist tells me to ring the number on the letter which the surgery sent in point above and get it referral changed (when the GP surgery made the referral themselves, so it should be them to change it). I ask for copy of complaint procedure, receptionist refuses to provide. 4. Hospital send a cancellation letter dated (2oth) for the appointment (it was not cancelled by my mother) so someone else cancelled it and why? Letter says appointment has been cancelled and new appointment will be sent out (still not received 5 weeks on) 5. I write the letter to the Practice Manager as you advised and reply received (see #28). This fails to address my my question of not being given any choice at all. The NHS Constitution gives people living in England the right to choose where to receive treatment. This also means you can choose the organisation that provides your NHS care when you're referred for your first appointment with a consultant. This point not addressed by the practice manager who basically says it not available under the NHS but available in private and they will charge me if I want for a private referral letter (if I want my mother to be treated at hospital of choice) and the treatment is available. I've been treated at this hospital several times as well as other members of family and all under the NHS because despite the hospital being private they accept NHS patients if a GP referral is made. The pratice manager says appointment still booked (when in fact its been cancelled by someone who I have no idea is and no idea why its been cancelled). If pratice manager when he received my letter had checked their system he would have realised the appointment is cancelled - but he did not do and tells me its still booked! Thats incomptetance! My mother has not been treated for this medical issue before and no choice at all has been given. They are sending my mother to a hospital which has a bad rating and feedback, which is working flat out to get people in/out in minutes and don't really take care of patients as they should - in summary does not have a good rating. I get the feeling the GP surgery is doing this for financial reasons when in fact it should be working on the side of the patient, but it is putting financial reasons first and totally ignoring patient choice under the NHS. I need to write a reply back to the practice manager this week manxman in exile can you please help me? You told me to do the following 1. Ring number on original appointment letter from the NHS hospital? and ask them if they have a record of the appointment and who (if anybody) has cancelled it 2. appointment with the GP who did the original referral (I have tried with no luck so far) keep getting told to try the next day 3. Contact Care Commissioning Group and ask to speak to somebody there about choose and book and why limitations in place for my mothers case. I think it would be better to send a letter - so I have a paper trail. I have tried https://www.nhs.uk/service-search but the site is down so far
  3. I spoke to the hospital and asked if they accept NHS referrals and they said yes. I also asked if they had an the relevant department that dealt with the medical solution and they said yes I've been referred to this hospital myself in the past by my GP for surgery The reply fails to address the issue of no choice being given The preferred hospital is closer to home, less waiting times, better service overall and more convienient. compared to the local NHS hospital which is at bursting point with bad reviews
  4. Letter sent and reply received....I rang the hospital and asked if the accepted NHS referral and they said yes. Reply from Practice Manager (see below) Dear Sofiaa Thank you for your letter [date] I am sorry you are unhappy with the service received I have checked our records to find out what is happening and can see appoitment has been made at [hospital name] for [date]. I see you don't want to go to this appointment and want to be see at [hospital name] I have checked NHS booking system and the [preferred hospital] does not provide this procedure under the NHS. I have also contacted NHS referral line at [preferred hospital] and they have confirmed this with. They offer this service but on private basis. If you would like to pay for this procedure privately we can write a private referral letter but you will be charged for this. Your mothers appointment is still booked (but as I mentioned in my above posts, its been cancelled by someone) for the date and hospital mentioned above as long as it has not been cancelled by yourself (when somehow its been cancelled as I mentioned in my earlier posts, so they have not even bothered to check their system, if they did it would have shown as cancelled) If you require help, please contact us asap This is basically the reply, I understand you can still be referred to a private hospital, I myself have been referred to the hospital of choice a few years ago under the NHS and did not have to pay, please help
  5. This is my letter to the practice manager (not complaint at this stage) [Your address] [GP Practice address] To [Practice Manager/ Name of GP] Re:PATIENT’S NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, ADDRESS (if not yourself) I am writing this letter to you as I have tried seveal times to request an appointment to see you in person for a meeting regarding my mother's incorrect referral but everytime I've been told your in a meeting or not at the surgery. "My mother requested to be referred to [hospital name] and GP so and so agreed to refer my mother to [hospital name], but when the referral letter came through we were puzzled to see that it was for another hospital not the one my mother wanted. My mother is upset and stressed because she has been denied the legal right to choose where she is referred to for her patient appointment. No choice was provided at all I have spoken to [name of hospital] and they are willing to accept the patient if a referral is made.. I'm sure it's just some easily explained clerical error or mistake and I'm sure it will be very easy for you to put right for us. Can you do that please?" I look forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Sofiaaa I've tried to keep the letter simple and used the wording manxman in exile gave which is fantastic. The letter is short, to the point and does not sound like a complaint letter. If the practice manager sorts it out then no complaint letter will be required. What do you guys think of the letter, I will be sending it out soon as get some feedback on it
  6. I've already tried this last week with no luck in getting an appointment with the practice mananger (see post earlier)....hence why I want to now send an informal letter to the practice manager, anyone please help
  7. 1. Yes to letter of authority to speak on there behalf / GP is aware 2. Can you help with the letter or manxman in exile help can you help with the letter to send to the Practive Manager? 3. Will out everything in writing so have a record I want to get the letter sent after the weekend, so all help appreciated
  8. I have tried on several occasions to ask to speak to the Practice Manager this week and each time I have been told immediately the practice manager is in a meeting and to put what I want in writing to him. So can you pleae help me come up a with a letter to send to the Pratice Manager (not a complaint) but a letter, similiar to what you have written above what I would have said to the Practice Manager if I was able to see him
  9. The surgery sent a Choose and book referral letter which had only 1 hospital listed and online login to change or cancel the appointment - it was sent from the GP surgery A few days later the actual hospital sent the appointment letter and in the same week the same hopsital sent a cancellation letter, which I suspect the receptionist on the telephone may have cancelled beause I could hear him typing on the keyboard constantky as I was telling him the surgery sent the referral to the wrong place, he then said he would speak to to the medical secretary after the weekend and call me back, which he never did and the cancellation letter for the appointment comes after speaking to the receptinist.
  10. The GP did say she would make the referral to the hospital of choice but the medical secretary did not offer any choice at all when she sent the appointment letter, then she told me to go ring the number on the letter to change the place of appointment when it was the surgery themselves that did the referral
  11. The receptinist had no problem discussing my mother's referral with me, my mother spoke to her first, then I did, the receptionist had no problem whatsover, it was ONLY when a queue of patients started to build up behind me, that the receptionist told me to go sit down, before this she had no problem at all. As for the referral, the GP said she would make the referral to that hospital, yet the receptionist told me its not available, then she told me if I'm not happy to go ring the number on the appoitment and request to be referred to the other hospital of choice, this is wrong information because when I rang the number I was told I had to go back to the GP surgery and request change of hospital becauase the surgery made the referral, so the receptionist told me the wrong information.
  12. I will try see if they allow to see the same GP....appoitments can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to get at this surgery The problem from what I see is the medical secretary that is refusing/resisting to send the referral to the hospital of choice but is sending to nhs hospital with lots of negative feedback because she wants to save the surgery money from its budget Should I complain to the GP or go direct to the GMC?
  13. An elderly family member had an appointment at the GP 2 weeks ago, the GP said she would make a referral for treatment, eldery family member said she wants the referral to a local private hospital which also take NHS patients who are referred by their GP. The appointment times are quicker, the service is better and its more close to home so easier to get to. GP said yes, she would make the referral, however the medical secretary made the referal to a nhs hospital instead, NO legal right to choose where to have NHS treatment was given, all that was received was a letter to say your appointment is in June 2019. So I call the surgery, tell the receptionist what has happened with the wrong referral being sent out, she said she would speak to the medical secretary and then call me back, but she never did. The next day received a letter for choose and book from the GP surgery which was just a copy of the appointment letter that was sent earlier in the week, there is an option to change the booking, so I login and the origonal appointment wrong referral has been cancelled, by whome I have no idea, maybe the receptionist that I spoke to? Today I went to the surgery, explained to the receptionist the wrong place of referral and that no choice was given. The receptionist range the medical secretay and tells her 'She is complaining that she was not given a choive where to go etc' Receptionist after speaking to the medical secretary tells me 'NO other place for referral, this is the only place etc' Receptionist now tells to 'go sit down....etc' I have 3 patients waiting behind you in the queue and (I'm) breaking patient confidentiality by standing here talking to her' I tell her I want her to deal with my complaint, she tells me the go sit down again and (I'm) patient confidentiality by standing here talking to her' I ask for the complains procedure, she does not provide it I ask to speak to the practice manager, the Receptionist in a split second tells me 'he is in a meeting' Receptionist refuses to help me and is more concerned with 3 people stood behind me listening and blaming me for 'breaking patient confidentiality' because there are 3 patients she needs to serve who are behind me The next day letter received form hospita to say the appoitment for referral has been cancelled https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/your-choices-in-the-nhs/ States that patients have the legal right to choose where you have your NHS treatment 1. I have been given NO choice at all 2 .I spoke to the private hospital they confirm they are willing to accept NHS referral if the GP makes it 3. Receptionist and Medical Secretary are saying NO CHOICE AVAILABLE (BUT see point 2 above) 4. Receptionist and Medical Secretary are unwilling to make the referral of choice to where patient wants to go, because it would eat into their budget or the NHS budget Please I need your help to draft a letter i will send this week with your help
  14. Hi to everyone!! please can you help me with GP problems
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