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  1. Have had no further correspondence from any creditors except the one mentioned above. I have had a reply to my March email to Freeman Jones, last week!! They said due to the arrears my IVA was terminated and I need to seek further help. As far as listing my debts is concerned I know that 50% have been written off, Wonga, Lending Stream and the like. Most of the debts are between 7 and 10 years old.
  2. I started an IVA in 2012 with Harrington Brooks who were fine for the first couple of years. I increased my payment from the initial £100 - £250 per month. I had a couple of payment breaks and then the communication from them stopped. I then found out that they had been bought over by Freeman Jones. I emailed both parties asking what was going on January 2018. They had sent an email which I missed but I explained that although I had recently started work again in 2017 I had just been made redundant. I also explained that it was 6 years and the IVA was clearly not working. HB had given me an extended payment break I didn't ask for and it was clear that this information hadn't been passed to Freeman Jones. I have emailed FJ several times, the last time was last week, and have had no response nor acknowledgment. I was prompted to do this last week as I had received a chase letter from a creditor about a £264 debt from 2010. I then checked the insolvency register and I am no longer on it!?? Am I about to receive a barrage of letters from creditors (all debts more than 6 years old) or is that it?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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