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  1. Thank you so much. In reality even though a company’s policy maybe to writing or go online for cancellation, verbal notification is good as?
  2. Yes we paid by monthly and thereafter when the twelve months lapsed it was a rolling contract. We were advised that one month verbal notice was sufficient at the time. My wife stopped using the gym prior 4 months before cancellation.
  3. Hi we paid the first twelve months via direct debit. These letters do seem desperate however I can see how somebody with little knowledge can easily fall for their trap
  4. Please kindly advise what shall we do next. I’m inclined to ignore all their messages.
  5. Ive scribbled out the names and addresses now.
  6. I wrote on the letter that we gave one month notice and the gym staff were happy with that. I’m still with the same gym we and my wife started at the same time and we gave the notice the gym members told us that after 30 days we need cancel direct debit
  7. Hi we’ve been member of the xercise4less for over 12 months and it rolled over for another 12 months. My wife cancelled her gym membership by giving verbal notice and gym staff advised her to cancel her direct debit at the end of October 2018. We’ve been in touch with CRS via writing and completely avoiding any phone calls. We adopted our letter based some of the advice on this forum. They now have responded with this letter. Please advice what we should do next? Regards
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