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  1. Thanks. I will wait and watch their next step or if they give up as in my case they now know that I was a bonafide resident of the property at the time of penalty charge.
  2. Thanks Eric. My apologies as I mistyped Gladdy's. the letter is from DRM (Debt recovery plus). I take your advice and will sit on it till they take further action.
  3. Hi friends, On your advice, I had written a letter and posted to Gladdy's. They have come back with a reply and I have attached the response. Can you pls advise way forward as they are still threatening legal action.
  4. Thanks for this info. Will keep track or better post one again with your suggested method.
  5. Exactly, and that is where I feel anguished. They are daylight robbers trying the legal stick fear factor. I casually asked some friends and they mentioned that they paid the money as they did not want to deal with Solicitors. This shows that they make a lot of money this way. Anyways, I have posted first class recorded mail today as a proof for a future battle, which I hope I don't have to see.
  6. I agree and it was my fault. I will block their email id's and will not respond to any email.
  7. Ok understood. Thanks, I will send a first class mail today.
  8. Hi All, I wrote email to Gladdys ( manager & general customer email) with the above content on Saturday. Not sure if they will ever respond to my email.
  9. Hi Eric, Should I post them the below response suggested by you? "I deny that any monies are owed to your client as there was no contract offered for me to breach. You know very well that the signage there isnt worth a light as there is no planning consent for it so one cannot enter into a criminal compact with UKCPM. As the parking world's most famous lawyers you should know this and advise your client to stop wasting their money"
  10. Sorry, they have not used the word Fine but charge. Below is part of their restto my appeal; “We have carefully considered your appeal but on this occasion, I am writing to inform you that your appeal has been unsuccessful as a breach of the terms and conditions of parking occurred. The decision has been made on the basis that: A valid permit was not clearly displayed in the vehicle windscreen. The photographic evidence of your vehicle supports the above statement. Signage clearly states “A VALID UK CPM PERMIT MUST BE CLEARLY DISPLAYED IN THE FRONT WINDSCREEN AT ALL TIMES” For a vehicle to be parked correctly a valid CPM parking permit must be clearly displayed within the vehicle windscreen at all times. The photographic evidence of your vehicle shows that at the time of the contravention a valid CPM parking permit was not displayed, therefore you were in breach of the parking restrictions and were subsequently issued with a parking charge notice. Although you have subsequently proved that you are in possession of a permit, for a permit management scheme to run efficiently it is imperative that a valid CPM permit is displayed in the windscreen at all times. This is the only way CPM operatives can ascertain which vehicles are authorised to park. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure a valid CPM parking permit is clearly and securely displayed in clear sight within the windscreen of the vehicle prior to leaving it unattended within a restricted area. The photographic evidence of your vehicle shows that you are within a clear view of one of the many warning signs throughout the development. All signage states the terms and conditions of parking within the restricted area. Upon reading the signage you have contractually agreed to pay a parking charge fee as restrictions were breached. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure parking is permitted prior to leaving the vehicle unattended within the restricted area. Please note. You now have 14 days from the date of this letter to make payment at the reduced fee of £60.00. If payment is not received within 14 days, the fee will increase to the full amount of £100.00.” This is how it all started. Manmeet
  11. Let me find out about management but I believe that all staff is employed by the estate and landlord monthly fees most likely cover that. I will speak to the president of the resident organization who is living in my building. For the time being, I will not respond to Gladdy's letter and stay away till their next move.
  12. Hi Eric, thanks for your detailed opinion. For a start, there is no rule from estate management regarding which bay to park. All residents can park in any empty bay within the complex as there are no bays assigned to apartment owners. Even the ones who have a garage also park in bays as they use the garage as stores. The services people who come are normally required to collect a temporary token from the state office and sometimes they don't care and park as the vehicle is clearly marked with a brand name. The complete contract, to my knowledge, has been given to CPM and the estate guy told me that they have no control over who they fine as the estate cannot interfere. It could be a farce but that's what I was told. The parking token is a token that we stick inside our car windshield and I have that with me from the day the fine was charged. the token does not show the start date but it says DUPLICATE since the original one was to be handed over by the previous tenant to my letting agents and which they never bothered. i can ask the estate office if they did keep a record of which date it was given. Regardless, I was a bonafide resident who had legal rights to park. Can you pls share the contents of what I must write to Gladstone as they have mentioned in their letter to contact the client and not them.
  13. Hi Eric, Pls read below car park section of my lease......... Car Parking 1.17.1 To park private vehicle(s) only at the Property. 1.17.2 To park in the space, garage or driveway allocated to the Property (if any) 1.17.3 To keep any garage, driveway, or parking space free of oil and to pay for the removal and cleaning of any spillage caused by a vehicle of the Tenant, his family, contractors or visitors. 1.17.4 To remove all vehicles belonging to the Tenant, his family or visitors at the end of the Tenancy. 1.17.5 Not to park any vehicle at the Property which is not in road worthy condition and fully taxed. Hope this will help.
  14. Hi, I have attached the photo of the signage. First is a close up and the second is the distance from where I parked my car (approx). Pls advise. Each tower in teh complex has this signage screwed to the wall. There are no other posts or poles on the street inside the complex. Signage.pdf
  15. Hi Gick, hope I have answered most of your questions in post #6 ?
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