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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience ericsbrother. I have copies of all the docs I sent to court by post i.e lease doc showing I was resident of the complex at the time of parking charge, my email sent to UKCPM within 45 of the charge with my parking token image requesting them to cancel the charge. can you pls guide me what must I be fully prepared for besides these docs and my argument that I was resident at the time. Will the judge not be considerate that I am not a lawyer or with any legal background? With this lockdown it may end up as a virtual hearing.
  2. Thanks Andyorch, will wait to hear from the court then. Is there anything more required from my end for now?
  3. Hi Gents, I sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well in this environment of rather confined existence. I received reply from the county court after sending them the form and supporting docs to set aside the judgement. below is the mail content received; "The claim has been transferred to county court at Wandsworth for that court to hear the defendants application for setting judgement aside. That court will send you and the other parties notice of the time, date and place of hearing." I guess now I have to wait, which could be long due to the lockdown
  4. No worries. Thanks. I have paid the money online and going shortly to post office to post the form.
  5. Morning. Thanks and understood. Was not aware of this order although I scrolled through the guidance. I guess I am snowed under office work from home . Is there any other doc to be attached or I am good to post it?
  6. Hi Andyorch, sorry but I don’t understand what ###Start of Order #### means and what exactly to attach as I don’t have the court order.
  7. Can someone pls assist in my above query Sorry, pls disregard my above msg as my screen had not refreshed.
  8. Hi Guys, just one last thing before I post the N244- What is the meaning of below in my form; 4. Have you attached a draft of the order you are applying for? - I dont have any court order. Or is it implying money? Another query- I have read online that I can enclose a cheque payment addressed to HM Courts and Tribunals Service. Is this correct?
  9. Oh ok. So I will write only what you have mentioned above. Also pls advise if below comments are ok for questions 3; What order are you asking the court to make and why? My answer: To set aside the County Court Judgement as there was no contravention and I was legal resident at the time of the parking charge.
  10. No I did not receive any court notice for this date of 9th Dec. All I received was letters from Gladstone threatening court action if I do not pay.
  11. kindly advise so I could post it today before the virus shuts down govt.............
  12. The initial threat letters were coming to my correct address but the debt collectors (after ccj judgement) was sent to incorrect address since the post code was wrong and also did not have my building name so i could never have received it. Should I mention that in my statement?
  13. What order are you asking the court to make and why? My answer: To set aside the County Court Judgement as there was no contravention and I was legal resident at the time of the noted contravention. question 10- What information will you be relying on, in support of your application? I have chosen the box - the evidence set out in the box below AND not the option - The statement case (pls advise if ok) My comments Dear Sir, I moved from (xxxxxx) on 14th Sep 2019 to my current address (xxxxxxx). I did not rec
  14. Thanks. So the amended version as mentioned above is good to go then? Also what is the claim no to be filled ? Is it the case id provided by the court?
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