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  1. Statute barred. Does this mean they are not allowed to collect? Sorry not good at all this legal stuff
  2. Yes I took this loan while resident in Scotland. My last payment to blackhorse was 2010
  3. I've received a letter from a collector csa cai on behalf of Merlin Europe II limited. I believe this is to do with a blackhorse loan I got about 10 years ago. I had tried to pay back a blackhorse loan back in full after 2 years, but they wanted £11,000 back for a £7000 loan I'd been paying for 2 years. I refused and fought this case, the sum they wanted included PPI payments. When the PPI scandal was eventually out, I won the case and I was compensated, and the loan amount was put down to just under £4000. then received a letter sometime later from blackhorse stating that due to there wrongdoing and the fact I had to go through hardship whilst paying this loan, they would not be pursuing the amount anymore. I don't have any letters about this case anymore, as this was now about 7-8 years ago. I'm now receiving these letters from csa cai to recover this money, threatening CCJ and arrestments. I live in Scotland so know there maybe different rules up here. Any ideas how to go about this?
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