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  1. Ok cool. Hope everything does go well. Please keep us updated
  2. No was just curious as if you had the card delivered to your friends address but then you have the inspector your address it can look a little fishy. And I’m regards to when you got your oyster, just thinking that it was recent? Just to see the process they are taking as they are taking different processes for different people
  3. Oh right. Abit of an annoying situation. How did you receive the letter then was it to your friends address? Also did you use your real name and real picture etc or did you use a different one? I am curious to know, how long have you had this oyster for? Before 2019 or after? Also never use these ZIP cards again.
  4. Hey, Just a quick question to maybe provide some further advise to you. Were you caught by an inspector in person or did your Oyster card stop working randomly then you were sent a letter?
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