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  1. i have been a member of e.bay for over 6 years, and in that time bought and sold countless items. ive never had a problem until recently !, a couple of weeks back a bloke contacted me through e.bay about an item i had listed through them { as ive allways done}, the amount of money in question was £600.00 { a lot of dosh}, he wanted to know all about it{rightly so}, i gave him as much information as i could using the e.bay e.mail. unbeknown to me he tried to send his private contact phone number to me through e.bay { quite rightly it was blocked}, i knew he wanted to talk to me because of what he put, i took a picture of my phone number and tried to send it through e.bay{ again quite rightly blocked}, he asked if i could hold on to the item for a couple of weeks because he was working away, i replied { through e.bay} could he put down a deposit on the item as i told him ive had a lot of timewasters, and i would remove the listing " as an act of good faith". as it happend on the same day i received an e.mail from e.bay " threatening me with sanctions" because as they put it " we were both trying to sell/buy out side of their policies and we were breaking " DATA PROTECTION" by trying to give each others phone number out { again no argument with this}, plus i didnt know at this point they had completley blocked him from contacting me in any way. i was very angry that i,d been accused of wrongdoing, i wrote a complaint e.mail to them. i received an e.mail from the c.e.o,s assistant telling and warning me of the consequences, but in that same e.mail he had sent the prospective buyers contact telephone number, i couldent belive it !, for the first time i had seen the very number of the prospective buyer { the very thing they had blocked and warned us about} i telephoned the number and the prospective buyer asked " how did you get this number", i told him, he was fuming, , i wrote another e.mail back to the same person pointing all this out, and complained, his reply was " arrogant, self opinionated" to say the least " to which he said we havent broken any law" even though i pointed out " all correspondence has been done through e.bay". ive now complained to the relevant body about this and was told after i explained that they "HAD" broken data protection. ive now requested all relevant documents from e.bay relating to this under the " freedom of imformation act". heres one member who wont use them again......joe
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