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  1. Hello, thanks for your message. I wish I could provide a succinct summary of the two years of to-ing and fro-ing with both Sainsburys and BG, but I can't. I've attached the document I sent to Sainsburys with my last message (below) via Resolver. I apologise for the 7 page document length. I can't summarise it further without spending half a day on trying to do so. Please forgive me? Thanks for your patience! Sent via Resolver Dear Gregg Johnson, Complaints Manager Please refer to ALL the previous info I sent on 12th Oct 2015 and particularly the draft email
  2. The issue that I have experienced was after unresolved and disputed issue between 2014 -2016 I got letters out of the blue from Lowells 7 Feb 2019 Lowells demanding payment for unresolved and disputed debt (more below). They have called several times a day every day. I have blocked their number and sent them email letters saying I do not accept the debt. Unresolved dispute from 2014 relating to Sainsburys Energy and later British Gas as they subcontracted energy to Sainsbury's. I have a massive case file on Resolver dating back to 2014 and all sorts of contradictory responses
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