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  1. That was the basis of my agreement on one of my accounts with 02 arranged with Future Comms the mobile broadband account in the thread above, opened in Feb 2017 which you have been helping me with to recover the unpaid monthly discounts of £35 per month. (O2 charge me £75 as opposed to the £40 agreed with Future Comms) I was just referring to the fact that on this contract the discounted rate was put on rather than the usual full O2 amount which is usually the normal practice. What I was trying to ask was that as this contract was submitted to O2 with the lower amount
  2. No i didnt say that. I said that I was promised this broadband account at £35 plus vat - £40. The contract shows this. However I was charged nearly double by O2. This amount is what I should paying and this is what the £35 per month discount I am claiming for on this action relates to. I have the contract and this discount amount being discussed in a recorded phone conversation. It is 12 months non payment of this and 4 missed discount payments of £20 per month that make up the £500 I am claiming from them
  3. This is certainly the case with the mobile accounts. However, the broadband application stated the discounted rate of £35 ex vat on it. This may have been an error on Future Comms part. When I got my first bill from O2 it was nearly double this and has been since. When I immediately contacted Future Comms they claimed that there had been a mix up, that tarrif was no longer available but it would be honoured by way of monthly discount, which I have never received. Having got this on the contract, with no letter of change to this from any party, is this a legally bin
  4. I think that the majority of their customers are small businesses and one man bands like myself. it is often difficult to find time while working to deal with this and before you know it, months have passed while you've paid over the odds. it seems that for many, its a lot of effort and a relatively small amount - hundreds rather than thousands - and would rather that Future Comms simply pay up. That's why its probably taken me so long to deal with it. I have looked at my contract. It's a O2 contract application. However it refers to Future Comms as the retailer on it. On th
  5. Thanks for the advice that has been done, copied your letter exactly, except for putting in my accounts and the amount of £500.00. Sent email and ready to post. Woud you advise sending recorded delivery or just first class? Going forward whar about complaints to Ofcom, O2 and Hampshire trading standards? Also is there any way I can legally terminate the contract with O2 as it was sold to me under false pretences ,services are not being provided at the agreed amount on my acceptance of contract and the toxic relationship that now exixts as a result.
  6. Ok can pull the letter and re-draft. Email has gone though. No need to be quite so forceful though. I am trying to take your advice and doing my best. However I'm in the middle of a 12 hour shift and it will have to keep til tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for the info. I decided to go for it now as you don't know what their financial state is. I have posted and emailed this letter of intended action giving them 14 days to respond. I have removed my personal and account details from this thread. Now we wait.... Account Management Future Communications Specialists Ltd Unit 4 The Mill Weevil Lane Clarence Marina Gosport Hants PO12 1AX 3 April 2019 WITHOUT PREJUDICE Notice of Intended Claim Dear Sir or Madam, I entered into agreements with your co
  8. I phoned them today and spoke to Brooke, using the car's hands free while recording the conversation using the taxi's dash cam audio. she confirmed the contracts and the amounts owed both monthly and £500 outstanding. Under questioning, she accepted that Future Comms was in breach of contract when I put it to her that they have failed to either ensure supply of services at the agreed price or refunded any overpayment claimed by O2. She could not explain why the matter had not been resolved in the 6 months since the complaint had been made, nor could she confirm what action was bei
  9. Thanks for your reply, I have 1 year 11 months to run on the broadband account and 2 years 3 months left on contract on the mobile contract. i have a fixed price on the contracts I signed and O2 statements showing what I'm paying. These are business accounts. I will call them tomorrow to discuss the outstanding amounts and record the conversation. As things currently stand, i am owed £500 before interest and will be over the threshold in 3 months, assuming they don't start paying
  10. I am another victim of Future Comms false promises and their refusal to pay what they owe and I'm sick to the back teeth of them and their tactics. i took out a mobile broadband account with them in February 2017 as they offered me much more data for little more than i was paying with Three. I also upgraded my 2 mobile phone accounts in June 2017. By September i had not received a single monthly discount payment and was paying considerably more to O2 than the agreed sums I'd signed up for. I took this up with them last September and spoke to a very sympathetic sound
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