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  1. The fact that there hasn't been an outcome for the fake card use, shows why its a rare occurrence for no record im guessing. Maybe there are many success cases which have not been reported, ill just have to wait until the court date and see the outcome.
  2. Yeah they have a list of other times I have used the card over 3 month period
  3. I haven’t used any other card after the time I was caught I used my contactless bank card, could you clarify is this is what you mean by TIC . thanks
  4. Also regarding the record, can my sufficient evidence for mitigating circumstances sway the judge not to enter a record and just ask me to pay just a fine? Is that a possibility? ^ (if OOC doesn't work)
  5. Hi i have recieved a court data and i have been charged with " Contrary to Bylaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws Made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962." - 17(1) is " Did not enter a compulsory tick area without having with him a valid ticket" does that mean i am not being charged under fraud^ Can i also confirm that there is a possibility that a record may not be entered if i provide sufficient mitigating circumstances before the judge? Thanks
  6. yeah it could look fishy, but i already accepted the offence so if they have further questions ill tell them, but i didn't disclose that it was delivered to that address. i got my oyster last year, dont know if things changed now.
  7. thats alot of questions which is abit suspect, but yeah i provided all my details all correct and got the letter to my address.
  8. i was caught by inspector, then sent letter few days later.
  9. i really dont mind paying a four figure amount, i recently just got a grad job and this will ruin it all, i just hope they will consider a settlement i provided alot of mitigating circumstances, which are true, so they should consider ooc i hope
  10. well ive used a travel card on it so i paid 50% of it every month, so around 400, unless they calculate each journey seperate regardless of travelcard??
  11. As in the letter they sent me i had two options deny the offence or accept, i accepted it. I completely admitted the actions, did not hide anything i did, and apologised. I am hoping for a formal warning, if that is possible, or even a large fine settlement
  12. Ok, I have used it for a few months I have given my mitigating circumstances(financial issues, Affecting future prospects,a student, also dependencies. Also accepted offence is there any hope for OOC as this is my first letter received from tfl
  13. I signed up for a fake oyster card and have recently been caught with it and i am currently being investigated. (just sent email replying to letter). I used my friends address to deliver the oyster, he has a fake 16+ oyster that was sent to that his address. He currently hasn't been caught with it, will my investigation look into the address and find the other oyster that are linked to the address, resulting him in the same situation? or do they require the card for that information. thank you
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