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  1. Good afternoon. This afternoon ive had a voicemail from dfc and they are saying that the contract is fair and enforceable because they have put in the option to terminate after 12 months even though a fee would be due. He accepted that without that option it would be unfair but because the option is there they are saying it’s fair. So am I still ok to cancel the direct debit and then ride the storm if there is one or does this explanation change things.
  2. Yes I started querying this sometime ago and I’ve had responses from both companies. Again ive emailed dfc today stating that I feel this was misold as I was not told about early settlement fees. And i also mentioned the high court case back in 2011. Ive told them I should be allowed to end my contract without paying any additional fees. So I guess we will wait and see.
  3. I’ll send you the contract I signed privately if that’s ok? The bloke wrote minimum 12 months in the box. Which tally’s up with what I remember. He didn’t mention anything about paying a settlement fee though. Adrian.
  4. Hello again. today I heard back from this dfc company with the documents I requested. And it appears as though I did tick and sign the 36 month box. However I’m still confused as the man who took me through everything stated I could stop after 12 months. However he did not mention there would be a balance to pay. Ive hopefully uploaded the documents I’ve been sent below. Am am I still entitled to cancel? It appears I signed up in 5/4/18 and 1st direct debit was taken 1/5/18. Regards adrian. Custome
  5. 1) I’m not 100% certain when I joined. It was around this time last year the first payment disappeared from my bank on 1st may last year. So I’m guessing i have signed up in April. 2) I contacted the gym via email on 21st March. It was merely an enquiry. I wanted to know how I would go about cancelling. They then replied stating. Below is there response Thank you for contacting me about your membership.The membership type you have is a promotional rate, which is a 36 months contract, CFM/DFL contract.To cancel or amend your contract you would need to contact DFL direct
  6. So shall I just cancel the dd and see what happens or contact the gym again? If I contact the gym what should I be asking. Thanks for your reply regards adrian.
  7. The gym I signed upto is living well in Maidstone. I think it’s part of the hotel it’s in which is the great danes and that is a mercure hotel. Dfc revenue management solutions is the company that collects the monthly payment and who I have been told I need to contact. I signed up roughly 1 year ago as I wanted to do some training for an endurance event in September. Hope this info info is helpful. Thanks adrian
  8. Good afternoon. Ive been having a read on this forum as last year I signed up to my local living well gym. There was a offer on at the time of a reduced rate. I’m certain that I was told it was for a year and then if I wanted, I could keep the membership at the same price for another 2 years. I have recently decided to cancel as I just don’t use it enough and emailed the gym in Maidstone. They said my membership was through dfc and gave me their email. I emailed them and the response i got I got was that the membership was for 3 years and
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