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  1. Good afternoon. This afternoon ive had a voicemail from dfc and they are saying that the contract is fair and enforceable because they have put in the option to terminate after 12 months even though a fee would be due. He accepted that without that option it would be unfair but because the option is there they are saying it’s fair. So am I still ok to cancel the direct debit and then ride the storm if there is one or does this explanation change things.
  2. Yes I started querying this sometime ago and I’ve had responses from both companies. Again ive emailed dfc today stating that I feel this was misold as I was not told about early settlement fees. And i also mentioned the high court case back in 2011. Ive told them I should be allowed to end my contract without paying any additional fees. So I guess we will wait and see.
  3. I’ll send you the contract I signed privately if that’s ok? The bloke wrote minimum 12 months in the box. Which tally’s up with what I remember. He didn’t mention anything about paying a settlement fee though. Adrian.
  4. Hello again. today I heard back from this dfc company with the documents I requested. And it appears as though I did tick and sign the 36 month box. However I’m still confused as the man who took me through everything stated I could stop after 12 months. However he did not mention there would be a balance to pay. Ive hopefully uploaded the documents I’ve been sent below. Am am I still entitled to cancel? It appears I signed up in 5/4/18 and 1st direct debit was taken 1/5/18. Regards adrian. Customer Complaints Policy and Procedure 2.pdf CFM new.pdf Customer Complaint Information 1.pdf I’ve removed the document I signed as it had personal info on it.
  5. 1) I’m not 100% certain when I joined. It was around this time last year the first payment disappeared from my bank on 1st may last year. So I’m guessing i have signed up in April. 2) I contacted the gym via email on 21st March. It was merely an enquiry. I wanted to know how I would go about cancelling. They then replied stating. Below is there response Thank you for contacting me about your membership.The membership type you have is a promotional rate, which is a 36 months contract, CFM/DFL contract.To cancel or amend your contract you would need to contact DFL directly, who can assist you with this matter.- 01908 422007- info@debitfinance.co.ukThis type of membership is being control by DFL so unfortunately I cannot cancel or amend the contract myself due to terms and conditions of the contract in place.Hope you find this information helpful.Kind regards Debbie 3) Last direct debit was taken 1st March and the next will be due 1st April. I have had had no contact from either dfc or the gym. I have not been sent the documents I asked for. Unfortunately I can’t find my copy I have a feeling they could have been thrown out when we renovated our kitchen last year. Thanks adrian.
  6. So shall I just cancel the dd and see what happens or contact the gym again? If I contact the gym what should I be asking. Thanks for your reply regards adrian.
  7. The gym I signed upto is living well in Maidstone. I think it’s part of the hotel it’s in which is the great danes and that is a mercure hotel. Dfc revenue management solutions is the company that collects the monthly payment and who I have been told I need to contact. I signed up roughly 1 year ago as I wanted to do some training for an endurance event in September. Hope this info info is helpful. Thanks adrian
  8. Good afternoon. Ive been having a read on this forum as last year I signed up to my local living well gym. There was a offer on at the time of a reduced rate. I’m certain that I was told it was for a year and then if I wanted, I could keep the membership at the same price for another 2 years. I have recently decided to cancel as I just don’t use it enough and emailed the gym in Maidstone. They said my membership was through dfc and gave me their email. I emailed them and the response i got I got was that the membership was for 3 years and that if I wanted to cancel early I would have to pay £150. I feel that that this has therefore been mis sold to me and I have asked for a copy of the contract I signed plus the terms and conditions. I have so far heard nothing back. After reading on on here I see that these types of contracts were deemed unfair back in 2011 and that generally the advice on here is cancel the dd then deal with any threats via letter. Would i I be ok to do this or should I wait for the documents I’ve requested to be sent through? Regards adrian. This post has been promoted to an article
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