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  1. I had the power shift gear box replaced on my 2012 Ford Focus (let’s say for example) June 2018, this was done under extended warranty free of charge. Let’s fast forward to August this year when I started noticing that the same problem was happening again ! Spoke to my local dealership who confirmed that this was the case and that unfortunately the new power shift clutch which was Replaced in 2018 only comes with 1 YEARS WARRANTY , I spoke to (eventually) the head of customer complaints at ford uk headquarters who looked into my claim that after a year the clutch should surely not have gone again. after a couple of weeks I was told that there was nothing that could be done and that it is what it is. I spoke to my local dealer again and kicked off a little and they reduced the parts and labour to just £1050 ..... thanks ford !!!! so yeah I wouldn’t hold out much hope of them paying for it but if you do have any luck let me know please .
  2. I have a 2012 Ford Focus with the dual clutch transmission , had the clutch pack replaced June 2017 as was still within warranty , done considerable less miles in the past just under 2 years and yet again the clutch has gone but apparently the part they used to fix only comes with a years warranty so basically they are saying here is a fix for the clutch problem but oh wait it’s not actually fixed but sorry your out of warranty now !! Just waiting to get my car back today to confirm it is clutch judder (which it so definitely is) and then I’m going to crest hell with Ford CS and if I get no luck small claims court and further actions until my car is properly fixed !! Any update from any of you on what CS has said ??
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