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  1. Hi Andy, I did find that site, but then also found this site which says it is the homeowners responsibility: https://www.labc.co.uk/homeowners/do-i-need-building-regulations-application-specific-projects/electrical-work This is all very vague and conflicting! I will get my brother to phone the local council building control tomorrow and see if they can enlighten him! Cheers
  2. Hi all! Hopefully we don't end up with a wall of text, i'll try and summarise without losing detail. My brother had his consumer unit upgraded from one of the old wire-type fuse types to a new board by a local Ltd electrical company the end of November. To this date, they've not received any documents that state they're an Electrical installation certificate, or a Building Control certificate, only a summary of the state of the rest of the electrical installation. The local building control don't appear to have had a notification this work was ever being done/completed. On doing a little research, it appears that this company (or the chap doing the work), is not registered with any of the schemes allowing self-certification. From what I understand, this work requires someone to be registered with one of these schemes - AND should have sent some certificates by now. Can someone confirm this is the case? Cheers, Bob R
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