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  1. I had a visit from a so called bailiff but they never left a letter or contact details after walking in my home waking up my 16 year old daughter and have yet made contact. the police have been notified after £100 went missing. after 4!hours I found out who it was and got his contact details and he wouldn’t talk back to me as I said why have you been in and left with no letter left. i found out his information as it was a water bill that had been passed for the high court and they said you have to deal with the bailiff and it’s over a week and not heard nothing? I have complained to his company and yet heard back even though they said they will after 48 hours. yet to been called or nothing. So technically I have had money stolen and the police have given me a crime number but closed the case as no evidence but the bailiff said he had a body camera and I asked why he left no letter and said I had no envelopes! if I didn’t spend 4 hours working out it’s a old water bill I still would know who they was. i now have hit a brick wall and don’t know what to do and getting very stressed and suffering now down an ulcer through stress. Southern water can’t do nothing now and I’m stuck on firstly are they allowed in and out with no contact? And secondly my neighbor told them I’m not in and they just walked in and left when he said you need to leave details who you are.
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